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Arrakis - Technontology Vol. 1

Technontology Vol. 1
by Dani Bandolier at 26 January 2020, 4:01 AM

ARRAKIS (2012) is a three member band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece who now emit their psychedelic rock through the endless universe from a site up north in Florina, Greece. Mates, ARRAKIS  make a lot of music for 3 dudes and they do it with celestial style and empyrean breath.

Technontology vol. I” is an instrumental release. I am rather picky when it comes to instrumental music as I am known to sing in front of people for my daily pint and these kinds of rawkish musical efforts cut me out of the ritual or at least make me dig down into my own pocket for pint change … but bloody hell this is one interesting work. “A Night in Tokyo” schwings on in - and I mean this tune is schwingin’ -  with the big Saru Getchu see-saw arcing bass lines of Iraklis accompanied by Panagiotis quadrangular guitar wah-wha?-ing mixed with low level audio of vocal chatter suggesting a modern street trance that evinces the undulating but metered animation of Tokyo life. Whew – can I get a cold Asahi with that?  “Dream Explained” could be alternately named “Highway Star Explained” … there is motive and planetary eruption in the piece that reminds me of a devolved Richie Blackmore with his heavy hand wringing life from mere filaments of wire. Just give some blokes a few stacks of Orange, Marshall and Ampeg kit and see what happens..indeed.

“Misophonia” shows a loopy, boxy riff much like “A Night in Tokyo” and is an element of Panagiotis’ guitar style – a bit spacey, a bit jazzy and stout enough to enclose a herd of the wildebeast. “Pareidolia” catches astral wind and gusts in with some subwoofer approved  throbbing synth and flamenco bass while Vangelis showers the percussive spice before “Hypothalamus” closes out ‘Technontology vol. I’. While the whole disc rings up at 42 minutes 13 seconds and “Hypothalamus” at 9 minutes, I feel like ARRAKIS is just getting the carbon burned off and ready for interstellar flight, that they are now fueled for a hot launch from a laser, gel and gobo glammed-up stage on some special night at a European music fest … hopefully near you.

If you dig the long form psychedelic opus rock journeys of ELECTRIC OCTOPUS or COLOUR HAZE,  you are gonna dig “Technontology vol. I” by ARRAKIS. I know that I do. Bonus pointer for the stoner-delica music fan lacking in the latest style: check out their website for a groovy ARRAKIS band T-shirt at only 10 euro.

For you cool kids that want some bangin’ hang music, check out my Spotify playlist which includes my reviewed bands ¡!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  A Night in Tokyo
2.  Dream Explained
3.  Animan
4.  Misophonia
5.  Pareidolia
6.  Hypothalamus
Panagiotis Haris  - Guitar
Iraklis Dimitriadis - Bass
Vangelis Anastasiou - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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