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Arriver – Azimuth

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 January 2023, 3:41 PM

The music on this album and its story were largely created under pandemic conditions, in states of isolation and confinement. While it isn’t directly about that experience, “Azimuth” naturally reflects these circumstances. the narrative begins with the protagonist coming to terms with his actions and the resulting corruption of his legacy. Immersive textures with a touch of dissonance bring to life the complex and contradictory moods that run through the track. Dominant bass, demonic harsh vocals and soaring melodies deliver a dynamic soundscape.” The album has eight songs.

“Reenactor” is the first cut. It’s an interesting sound. The music is cold and depressing and so are the harsh vocals. The clean vocals also provide another layer of hopelessness, while the bass guitar chugs away underneath a sterile riff. “Knot” is a shorter and angrier song, with a hastier pace, and one where the bass and rhythm guitars play a funeral march in tandem. Bouts of absolute rage reach out and choke you to death. “In the Only” features a lighter rhythm, and dare I say it, even some hopeful tones? Or at least, more confidence from the subject. It doesn’t have that utterly desolate tone of the first two tracks.

“Only On” has smooth and easy guitar tones, droning, but deep and dark death vocals. The juxtaposition of the two keeps the listener on their toes, and wondering what might be coming down the pipe. This fourth song has an almost Stoner Doom sound to it. The agony grows as the song leads on. “Constellate” reverts back to the raging sound of “Knot,” with the addition of clean vocals that sound defiant, almost Punk-ish in their delivery. The harsh vocals seem to come from the very pit if hell and swallow you whole. “Carrion Sun” has a steady beat and groove that gets your head banging at first. The death vocals are deeply guttural, while there is a little melody in the chorus.

The title track is a lengthy offering. It begins with a desolate but energetic riff, and clean vocals. The chaotic sound continues to grow through the half-way mark, when there is a sharp drop off. Some trippy elements come in before another gruff riff takes over. The riff ushers in a new sound with some brighter tones to completion. “None More Unknown” closes the album. The cleansing of the previous dirty and anguished sounds comes to fruition in this final track. It’s contemplative, and innocent. Still, some of the desperate sound remain intact.

The band works in so many different sounds on the album, that makes it nearly impossible to categorize. Some might mistake this for a lack of a clear identity, but that would indeed would be a mistake. Therein lies the strength of this Progressive sound. Just when you think you have figured out their sound, they throw another curve ball your way. This is the definition of great music for those who are not spoon fed what they listen to.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

Purchase Link:

4 Star Rating

1. Reenactor
2. Knot
3. In the Only
4. Only On
5. Constellate
6. Carrion Sun
7. Azimuth
8. None More Unknown
Joe Kaplan – Drums
Rob Sullivan – Bass, Vocals
Dan Sullivan – Guitars, Vocals
Dan MacAdam – Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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