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Arroganz - Morsus

by Craig Rider at 17 October 2020, 9:23 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I’m proud to present to you: ARROGANZ; signed via Supreme Chaos Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Death Metal, on their 5th album entitled: “Morsus” (released October 2nd, 2020).

Since formation in 2008; the quartet in question have a Demo entitled: “Burning Souls” (released in 2010), a Split entitled: “Sermon Of Ungodly Dreams” (released September 25th, 2015); an EP entitled: “Erzketzer” (released September 28th, 2018) & 5 Full-Length Albums entitled: “Dark And Deathless” (released April 29th, 2011), “Kaos.Kult.Kreation” (released March 13th, 2013); “Tod & Teufel” (released November 14th, 2014), “Primitiv” (released September 29th, 2017) & this here album that I am introduced to entitled: “Morsus”. 13 tracks ranging at around 46:21; ARROGANZ arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Anodynon” begins the record; with this cryptic but devilish, spoken-word ritual featuring a demonic but acoustic strum. This gnarly beginning conjures up this satanic, but foreboding feeling…until the overarching titular track amplifies into a barrage frenzy in boisterously bouncy adrenaline and blistering fretwork finesse. Delivering a frantic bulldozing of static distortion, bruising deadliness & frantic reverberation that rumbles with monstrously meaty savagery for all eardrums to rattle skulls to. Bludgeoning crunchiness executes a brutally chunky slab of solidly sonic seamlessness that rivets with revelling tightness, unleashing this weighty ramification on striking technicalities that pursuit on this trailblazing manifestation on swampy yet filthy hooks in a progressively technical manner. Skyrocketing with this tempestuous yet relentlessly volatile trod on sturdy heft, and concretely gritty expertise.

Consisting of -K- on vocals/bass/guitars; this multitasker perseveres with persistent yet monolithic tempos on all fronts, his vocals surge with throaty raspiness & bellowing growls that roar with yelling depravity. Drony bass audibility injects an infectious bombardment that venomously shreds with sulfurous yet thumpy riffs, sludgy thickness romps up with rampant substance & organic pandemonium. “Pain & Light” ruthlessly showcases this quintessential virtuosity on profane rips where the primitively raw guitars fabricate a flamboyantly crafted attribute in immense intensity, surging with frolicking gallops & chaotic chugs that slay with ominously fuzzy havoc. -P- also contributes a drilling aesthetic in this triggering calamity,  chiselling into a profusely robust resonance of punchy laceration…gravitating into hasty maelstrom of rapidly swift nimbleness while snarling with meticulous quirkiness & snappy vibrancy. “Sleepless Forever” demonstrates a stompy rift that explores experimental grinds, and a hybrid dimension in hardy but fluidly polished piledrives from hammering drummer -T- who rambunctiously slams the set with steely precision. Battering into fierce firepower combustion, contrasting with quaking stampedes that salubriously implements a borderline foundation on rugged yet impactfully effective melodies.

Dead Man Galaxy” elements an extreme but healthy dose on some dexterously dynamic but doomy hypnotism; its eerie but heralding deathliness creates this sense of other-worldly remedies that makes you feel entranced into this stocky but beefy complexity, making you feel fuelled by brimming aggression and disparity. While -M- merges this inhumane but barbaric domination in deep, guttural shoutiness. “In$Ide $uicide” amalgamates a blackened but gloomy landscape, fuzzy rhythms tread with slimy yet rollicking zest. Ambitiously flowing into this revolving oscillation on a crescendo like crush, where the instrumental bassline and pummelling pounds resoundingly pulsates with unruly density. “Aurora Arroganz” is another intense bruiser, where the slow yet robotic leads transition towards this sinister but clobbering beatdown…harnessing an addictive but grumbling echo within the jumpy architecture, bopping your soul with booming clarity.

Guillotinen”, and “Sickpeopledie.” are two shorts interludes…hellish rituals shroud speakers with moody mayhem…especially as the powerful latter comes into play. Systematically rampaging with stampeding snare, and groove-bomb euphony. “Next Level Satan” is a viciously speed-driven behemoth, furiously imploding a full-throttle velocity on punishing noise terror that will possess your soul to break chairs over other chairs in a satanic rage of malevolent heat. “553” explores more of those contorted chunks that rip with roaring tonalities, fearsome but groundbreaking vehemence utilises uniquely synergetic performances that aid into an atmospheric boundary of mighty vibes & an enticing stranglehold of titanic proportions throughout this underground clench advancing through the record. The penultimate track “Praise Death = Feast Life” opens up with this upbeat tone, until oozing out with yet more twisted, puristic soundscapes while portraying this horrendously insidious panache that explores an embodying presence on this sometimes monotonous thrill that spirals into a fierce free for all of immersive distinction & distinguished mellow.

Overall concluding “Morsus” with the finale epic: “I Dealt With The Devil”; which is another consolidation of the spiritual, varying tenor of this grandiose ambiency & heavy desolation that’s just this spectacular grandeur in songwriting musicianship professionalism. I am compelled to say that ARROGANZ most certainly delivered an unprecedented offering that exceeded all expectations, it’s definitely an adventurously ambitious experience that will make you replay it continuously while surprising you with utmost neck breaking enjoyment. It’s most surely worth a few spins! Check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Anodynon
2. Morsus
3. Pain & Light
4. Sleepless Forever
5. Dead Man Galaxy
6. In$Ide $uicide
7. Aurora Arroganz
8. Guillotinen
9. Sickpeopledie.
10. Next Level Satan
11. 553
12. Praise Death = Feast Life
13. I Dealt With The Devil
-K- - Vocals/Bass/Guitars
-P- - Guitars
-T- - Drums
-M- - Blood/Vomit
Record Label: Surpreme Chaos Records


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