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Arsis – Celebration Of Guilt (Reissue)

Celebration Of Guilt
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 February 2012, 11:35 PM

I believe that listening to the reissue of the debut of “Celebration Of Guilt”, I came to understand how the American melodic technical Death Metal band ARSIS were made for success. One of its peak moments were linking a contract deal, which is still going on today, with Nuclear Blast Records right before the release of their third album in 2008, “We Are The Nightmare”. Willowtip Records, which was in charge of ARSIS’s first two albums, made the right move on reissuing this debut album, along with two bonus tracks, in order to remind everyone how this band started out and how they sounded back in the beginning of their vicious expedition into a hopeful future.

ARSIS’s debut is a wonderful taste of multi-diverse Metal while following the extreme path. The band’s duo multitalented founders, and back while this album was being forged, James Malone (Guitars / Bass / Vocals) and Michael Van Dyne (Drums) crafted their music upon a range of influences, from the vicinities of classic Metal to the hardest points of extreme Metal. Generally, the album is all hell breaking loose. However, I liked that kind of hellish onslaught filled with amazing sections presenting expert musicianship that generated cracking riffages while emerging with strong melodies of the old days and high profile solo licks. I sensed that ARSIS breath old school Metal just as it was presented on seasoned ATHEIST, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH and DECAPITATED albums. I am glad that “Celebration Of Guilt” is my first official full time celebration with this band because frankly I have never actually centered my whole attention into the band’s material and bequest.

I usually enjoy technical Metal and I think that it is important for musicians, especially the highly skilled ones, to show off their true worth by creating havoc with stimulating musical verses that would challenge their listeners. However, more than enough cases bred material that was soulless without a shred of feel, harmony or a sort of message that will actually tell something. ARSIS made came forth with something different. “The Face of My Innocence”, luckily the opener, was the first track that made my eyes open wide. Through a length of nearly six minutes, I listened to their entire musical doctrine. Also I sense their passion for melody, with memorable C parts and passages, aside from taking their music into harsher levels. “Painted Eyes”, same as the former, is the final bonus track of the two presented here, should have been part of this release from the first place, it could have been a well reserved enhancer. These two tracks are the precious crests of ARSIS’s material on this album while the following tracks stood outside looking out but the larger sum of them also honored ARSIS’s efforts on “Celebration Of Guilt”.

Probably the thing that made me a little disappointed was more on the production’s end. I took pleasure from the album’s sound yet I fear that the mixing process wasn’t completely good due to the fact that Malone’s vocals were distant than the other channels. Other than that, I urge you to check out this release if you have no knowledge of this band. If you do know these guys, you must check out the two bonus tracks.

4 Star Rating

1.The Face of My Innocence
2.Maddening Disdain
3.Seven Whispers Fell Silent
5.Worship Depraved
6.Carnal Ways to Recreate the Heart
7.Dust and Guilt
8.Elegant and Perverse
9.The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
10.Looking to Nothing
11.Wholly Night
12. Veil of Mourning Black
13.Painted Eyes 
James Malone– Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Michael Van Dyne- Drums
Record Label: Willowtip / Hammerheart Records


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