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Art Nation - Revolution

Art Nation
by MarcusTheRocker at 07 September 2015, 8:57 AM

One thing about the Melodic Rock genre as a whole is that even though there is a large number of artists in the genre all pumping out amazing material, you may think that it all sounds the same. You’d be very wrong as actually it’s a very diverse genre as there are always ways you can experiment with your tones, your melodies and your songs to give the music you create a very unique sound that is exclusive for your band and your band alone. An example of this is a brand new Melodic Rock band from Sweden who are the focus of this review and their name is ART NATION.

Despite only being on the scene for two years now, ART NATION are already starting to make a name for themselves in the industry as they were playing live shows and recording their new album at the same time in between gigs and that is what I call some serious determination as they clearly have a strong love for music.

Already having experience singing in the band DIAMOND DOWN, Swedish singer Alexander Strandell was already known in the genre for his amazing vocal range and energetic stage presence when playing shows and so after leaving his former band, his obvious love for music drove him to carry on and form a new band. That dream was soon made a reality as he was able to gain a bass player in the form of Simon Gudmundsson with guitarist Christoffer Borg and keyboardist Theodor Hedström joining soon after.

With a 4 piece band now formed, ART NATION released their first single in 2014 in the form of an acoustic track called “Moving On” with a second song “One Is Better Than No One” being released soon after with the latter not only being a power ballad but also the video for it being made in collaboration with the charity/humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders and this song was made Official Charity Song of 2014 with all proceeds from the song going towards the charity and that still is happening today. If that’s not an impressive achievement then I don’t know what it is.

Following several live shows and TV appearances later and a second guitarist (Johan Gustavsson) and drummer (Carl Tudén) was found for the band and soon they had everything they needed to record their debut album which is now complete and released and it’s name is “Revolution” which I am going to review today.

Clocking it at around 48 minutes long, the debut from ART NATION is 12 original songs recorded in the style of Melodic Rock, and the best part is that they are of course a Swedish band, so naturally that means quality music, especially if it’s in this genre and quality music does indeed result.

From start to end, the album is chock full of very like-able and very enjoyable Swedish Melodic Rock songs from the opening beats of “Need You To Understand”, the heavy energetic melodies of “Number One”, the frantic and fast paced “All the Way”, their debut single “Moving On” which has been re-worked for this album, the powerful melodic “Here I Am”, the hauntingly beautiful piano ballad “Look to the Sky”, the peppy upbeat melodies of the closing number “All In” and everything else in between.

All of the songs on this album are not just well written and well produced but they also have some amazing melodies to them and throughout these 12 tracks, you are always able to enjoy every little aspect of the work that went into this album including the two guitars, the bass lines and drum beats from the rhythm section, the powerful melodic keyboards and of course the vocal performance which in itself is amazing as the vocalist has a very powerful and very diverse vocal range and when you combine all of these amazing aspects, you get some fantastic songs which of course is to be expected from Sweden in the Melodic Rock genre.

Bottom line, the debut from ART NATION has gotten this new Swedish Melodic Rock bands career off to a very good start as there is not a single track on this you want to skip and it definitely has strong replay value as the moment it ends, you’ll want to hit that replay button over and over again. If you’re a fan of Swedish music, Melodic Rock songs or just excellent music in general then this is one you will thoroughly enjoy every second of so make sure you pick it up and check it out.

5 Star Rating

1. Need You To Understand
2. 3000 Beats
3. I Want Out
4. Number One
5. Don’t Wait for Salvation
6. All the Way
7. Start A Fire
8. Moving On
9. Here I Am
10. Look to the Sky
11. Wage War Against the World
12. All In
Alexander Strandell - Vocals
Christoffer Borg - Guitar
Johan Gustavsson - Guitar
Simon Gudmundsson - Bass
Theodor Hedström - Keyboards
Carl Tudén - Drums
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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