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Art Of Shock - Open The Cage

Art Of Shock
Open The Cage
by Dan Mailer at 25 July 2014, 1:50 PM

ART OF SHOCK is an Alternative Hard Rock band from one of the hotbeds of rock ‘n’ roll, the legendary Los Angeles, and they certainly sound like it. This EP showcases their sound nice and easily, with plenty of attitude and a good sense of energy

“Freaking Out” begins the EP here, with a cool almost IRON MAIDEN style riff to begin with, but a bit more modern in approach. This changes immediately afterwards with more of a modern rock sound to it. The guitars are quite heavy however, with plenty of chunky riffs and cool harmonies. The vocals are nice and clear, a lot of high notes ringing out over the top of the music, with a little grit and some softer moments too.

“Ungrateful” is also on the heavier side, with a cool main riff, and some cool lead guitar too. This one has a little bit of a modern metal feel but the vocals keep it firmly rooted in the heavy rock style more than anything else. “We Don’t Care!” has a kind of PUNK feel to it, especially in the vocals and intense drumming, and in the nice layered chorus too.

The EP ends on title track Open The Cage, the longest track with a cool building up riff at the start, meeting with some gang vocals too. This is the closest to metal the band gets, with a MEGADETH style main riff, fairly reminiscent of the 90s stuff but the vocals are rather a bit more melodic. This is a cool way to end the EP; it has plenty of energy and power, with cool riffs, a solid rhythm section and some good vocals too.

The production is pretty good on this, the guitars in particular shine, with very chunky sounds meeting some cool lead guitar sounds. The vocals are also pretty good sounding, nice and clear and well mixed. The drums have plenty of power but the bass could have done with being upped a little perhaps as when it is heard it sounds pretty damn good.

Open The Cage is a good EP from ART OF SHOCK with plenty of attitude and style. The band clearly knows what they are doing and this fairly short release will serve as a good taster of the band’s wider material.

4 Star Rating

1. Freaking Out
2. Ungrateful
3. We Don’t Care!
4. Open The Cage
Art Geezar
Arno Nurmisto
Adrian Geezar
No Instruments Listed
Record Label: Independent


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