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Artaius – Torn Banners

Torn Banners
by Camila Guimarães Almeida at 28 July 2015, 2:20 PM

This is a Italian band relatively new with 3 albums in your career and inspired by Folk Progressive Metal,and hearing "Torn Banners" had my first contact with this band.  That initially on “Seven Months” is possible to understand the complexity of all instruments played in a perfect harmony together with scream and growl vocals alternating with cleans lines vocals, but this sensation  changes on the next song "Daphne" It is a repetition of guitar solos, riffs, lines of guttural and clean vocals, the same sounds of flutes and it's continuous for a long time among the songs.

In the sixth song "Pictures of Life" is remarkable the difference it makes the clear lines of harmonious guitar chords in a song that sounds like a ballad, with chorus well built and fatally fixed in your mind for a long time. If there were more nuanced among the other tracks on this album to bring poetry in such poetic lines that fit perfectly in this song certainly my score would have been higher. However, it is noticeable that there is much potential in the band to be explored, because for a band that fits the Folk Metal Progressive profile, there is sufficient evidence that leads us to other metal styles such as: the lines of distorted guitars heavy metal, screaming vocals and an extremely fast footprint in battery that takes us to the melodic death metal.

In the next few songs you may notice a different attitude, one of the songs that most attracted my attention is "Dualità" the courage of the band to release a song in a language that currently in the music industry is not considered "salable", which is Italian. It can be seen there is also a different atmosphere "By Humans Claimed" following very true to the lines of "folk metal".

The album ends with the title track "Torn Banners" album that brings back repeat that runs the other songs on the album. Finally, we have a very interesting band with elements being run by extremely competent musicians, but with a little explored maturity. With a newly launched career seeking their identity through an accurate execution, although without taking great risks in harmonic compositions.

3 Star Rating

1. Seven Months
2. Daphne
3. Leviathan
4. Eternal Circle
5. The Hidden Path
6. Pictures of Life
7. Pearls of Suffering
8. Dualità
9. By Gods Stolen
10. By Humans Claimed
11. Torn Banners
Sara Cucci - Clean Vocals
Francesco Leone - Harsh Vocals
Elena Mirandola – Violin
Giovanni Grandi  - Keyboards / Synth
Massimo Connelli – Guitars
Enrico Bertoni  - Bass guitar / Backing vocals
Alessandro Ludwig Agati  - Drums / Percussion
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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