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Artical - Illusion X

Illusion X
by Lex Mishukhin at 08 November 2013, 2:37 AM

Greece has long been known for its export of fine extreme Metal, so to get an album by a Power Metal hailing from Greece is a rather unusual treat, so is their Power Metal as good as their extreme music? Let's find out.

The opening "Look In The Mirror" is certainly a song able to draw your attention in from its very beginning, a slow starter with a minute long intro, the song itself features some great vocals with a bit of a Middle Eastern feel to it, reminiscent of "Sahara" of NIGHTWISH. The second track "Chasing my Life" sees the band get down to the more standard Power Metal, very fast opening and rhythm throughout the track. "I am so different" seems to be the perfect title for the song, being the slower, melodic power ballad setting it apart from the rest of the record. A standout seems "Wings of Time" a rather interesting song featuring a fantastic opening riff and a heavier verse complete with slightly rougher vocals however as the song progresses it returns to the more Power Metal feel, albeit with a heavier edge. The title track is a rather dramatic affair, complete with very noticeable keyboards and bombastic chorus.

The album closes with "Mother", another ballad, and a very good closing track. However, there is a bit of a problem, "Mother" is actually the shortest song on the album clocking at just under 5 minutes, which is good, but out of the 8 songs on the album 5 cross the 6 minute mark, what's the problem with that? Well, the songs tend to overstay their welcome just a bit, it's not a huge issue, but cutting around 30 seconds from some of these tracks would have made for a better flowing album.

That however is a minor gripe as the album is well written, played and produced, very enjoyable and stays well within the Power Metal formula while also straying a bit into other territory providing the listener with something a bit different.

4 Star Rating

1. Look in the Mirror
2. Chasing My Life
3. I Am So Different
4. Follow the Light
5. Wings of Time
6. Run Like the Wind
7. Illusion X
8. Mother
Chris Dimareli - Keyboard
Leo Petropulos - Bass
Mark Boals - Vocals
Mike Dimareli - Guitar, Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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