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Artillery – In The Trash

In The Trash
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 10 October 2019, 10:51 PM

This in a selection of songs from the demos “We are the Dead”, “Shellshocked”, “Deeds of Darkness” and “Terror Squad”, released in  1982, 1984, also 1984 and 1986 respectively. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think this maybe a release in respect of former Bassist,  Morten Stützer, who died earlier this year. The current band line up has Morten’s brother and only other band member to feature in any of these songs, Michael Stützer. All these songs are from the band’s original stint before disbanding in 1991, they then got back together in 1998 for 2 years before disbanding again in 2000 and reuniting once more in 2007 and remain together to this day, in the band’s longest running stint. The sad and recent loss of Morten Stützer has shocked the band, but have said that they will be doing a new album next year. Though, at this point it hasn’t been said how he died, the band are united as one.

The Challenge” is a great Old School Thrash song, it has the intensity from the off. The high stung vocals that we know ARTILLERY fro are lower in places here. The Dane’s have their own vocals sounds, which is good coz at this time Bay Area Thrash was in full flow. The guitars flow perfectly, cleanly and hit the mark. The drums keep up pace in the mini solo so well, that you know they are going well at this point in history and the chemistry on the tack at least works well.

In The Trash” is another great starter, the speed set plays well into all instrumental aspects. The instrumental first 58 seconds set the song off so well, the pace works well. You know it is just building up for the vocals to hit, but it’s a hell of an intro. Controlled more than crazed speed works for the band. The vocals are very DIO-esq here, but it works well with the overall sound, because its loud and powerful, which goes well with the Stützer’s playing their respective instruments to their full most power. The song could be off any Heavy Metal album if the brothers slowed down, luckily for us, they don’t

Therapy” starts off like the strumming section of "Hammer Smashed Face" by Death Metal titans, CANNIBAL CORPSE, from 1993. This song isn’t as fast as others, but it is well controlled throughout. The pace is set still at a good level, without bursting into a frantic speed. I think it could have stepped up a gear, but the band obviously thought it didn’t have to. Midway through the solo kicks in, it breaks down the song, allowing the pace to be sped up well, they then slow down slightly to allow the vocals back in. This song is good, but seems like there are holding back.

Let There Be Sin”, the vocals are that fast, they nearly exceed, not just match the speed from the guitars, and that’s saying something for a Thrash song. The style of song can be heard further down the line in history by bands like EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL and KREATOR. ARTILLERY could be influencing most modern Thrash bands with songs like this. Intensity is a good description of the pace shown here. The mini solo is a great addition, adding a METALLICA (at the time) style break down in the song, the song I have in mind is Disposable Hero’s from “Master of Puppets”. I’m sure that can only be taken as a compliment

What you have to remember about the late 80’s Thrash, is that it is just as the great albums are about to be produced. It's before TESTAMENT’s “Legacy” was released to the world. We had just had SLAYER kick out “Reign in Blood”, as well as “Show No Mercy” and “Hell Awaits” before. The issue is that in 1986 they had to go up against Bay Area Thrash albums like “Seven Churches” by POSSESSED, EXODUS’Bonded by Blood “, MEGADETH’s “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!” and “Peace Sells… but Who's Buying?” not to mention METALLICA’s CLIFF BURTON Trio of “Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride The Lightening” and “Master of Puppets”. So the songs may sound similar to everything we’ve heard before, but that’s coz they helped to set the bar. The demo songs will show many people how good Artillery were in the 80’s. So a brief history lesson is a good thing in this situation.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Mind of No Return (from “We Are the Dead” (Demo))
2. Day of Doom (from “We Are the Dead” (Demo))
3. All for You (from “Shellshock” (Demo))
4. We Are the Dead (from “We Are the Dead” (Demo))
5. Bitch (from “Shellshock” (Demo))
6. The Challenge (from “Terror Squad” (Demo))
7. In the Trash (from “Terror Squad” (Demo))
8. Therapy (from “Terror Squad” (Demo))
9. Let There Be Sin (from “Terror Squad” (Demo))
10. Hey Woman (from “Deeds of Darkness” (Demo))
11. Blessed Are the Strong (from “Shellshock” (Demo))
Michael Bastholm Dahl – Lead Vocals
Michael Stützer – Guitars
Peter Thorslund – Bass Guitar
Josua Madsen – Drums

Former Bandmembers

Carsten Nielsen  - Drums (“We Are The Dead” (Demo), “Shellshocked” (Demo), “Deads of Darkness” (Demo), “Terror Squad” (Demo))
Morten Stützer (R.I.P. 2019) – Bass “We Are The Dead” (Demo), “Shellshocked” (Demo), “Deads of Darkness” (Demo), “Terror Squad” (Demo))
Jørgen Sandau – Guitars “We Are The Dead” (Demo), “Shellshocked” (Demo), “Deads of Darkness” (Demo), “Terror Squad” (Demo))
Per Onink – Vocals (“We Are The Dead” (Demo))
Carsten Lohmann – Vocals (“Shellshocked” (Demo), “Deads of Darkness” (Demo))
Flemming Rönsdorf – Vocals (“Terror Squad” (Demo))
Record Label: Mighty Music


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