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Artizan - The Furthest Reaches Award winner

The Furthest Reaches
by YngwieViking at 11 April 2015, 12:34 PM

Our whole existence's goal, is finally about learning and growing, and repairing our errors when it is possible is one of our privilege… I felt that I was a little unfair with my review for ARTIZAN “Ancestral Energy” two years ago, even if I discerned back then some obvious qualities notably in the vocal department, my first view wasn't totally correct. I had learn only with a later coming conscience, a new way to perceive and the right process to really appreciate their music and to understand it in its fullness, the disc finally has ends up in the quite high ranks in my final top of 2013.

Today I’m glad and happy to examine their new masterpiece and third full length work namely “The Furthest Reaches” that will be published on 24th April 2015 via Pure Steel Records, the band is now a quintet and their very unique identity is once again in a shining display, their classy sound is running brilliantly across the forty eight minutes of this recommended release!

This time, I know with a perfect accuracy the delicacy of their Melodic method (“Hopeful Eyes”), it reveals also some intricate harmonic arrangements (“The Cleansing”)… Musically the thick schema of Heaviness is more evident than before, straight and more dramatic in the ambiances (“Supernova”), while the smartness and the complex shape of their creative ways are in a prominent light !

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, ARTIZAN was founded in 2008 by two ex LEVIATHAN members namely the superb vocalist Tom Braden and drummer Ty Tammeus (ex PROJECT X). Their early self-titled ep in 2009 was a great start followed in 2011 by their debut album, “Curse Of The Artizan” and in 2013,  ARTIZAN unleash the aforementioned second full-length album "Ancestral Energy" under their new collaboration contract with Germany’s finest Pure Steel Records.

ARTIZAN is set for their third release “The Furthest Reaches”, their sonic sphere is still the same, some fine musicianship and some pretty well arranged/hand crafted cuts, wonderfully uplifted by sharing some subtle progressive manners, under an epic sci-fi concept, the album tells the story of a feconds Alien race returning to Earth after a distress signal was sent into space.

This is another brilliantly executed piece of Celestial Metal artistry, with the same amount of American and European ingredients, wrapped in the terrestrial form of a silver platter. This disc is very well written, with some incredible talented ideas and utmost skills in every area, the great tradition of the Guest appearances is another treat for us, the performance from Matt Barlow (ex ICED EARTH / ex PYRAMAZE / ASHES TO ARES) and for the first time the SEVEN KINGDOMS frontwoman Sabrina Cruz (in the long epic “Wardens Of The New World”) are another interesting and are among the details that sublimate this whole successful recording experiment.

“The Furthest Reaches” expands its qualities in a precise clever way and once again, the legendary producer Jim Morris (KAMELOT/CRIMSON GLORY/SAVATAGE/JAG PANZER) applies his knob wizardry behind the mixing desk, ensuring a sonic experience of the highest quality with a Top notch production.

The album will be available as normal and limited edition with different cover artworks both are superb and this attention to those particular details is another proof of the excellency of their artistic spirit. The limited edition will contain additionally the bonus track “Come Sail Away”: A beautiful emotional song…With this new opus, ARTIZAN reaches the opportunity to confirm its status toward the Prog Metal experts but also to expand its credibility to the whole of the Metallic scene.

This time my picky mind and my excessive perfectionism won’t detracts me to enjoy this flawless disc, that I would like to recommend to my fellows fans of old HEIR APPARENT or LEVIATHAN, they slightly changed their sound for the better,like an updated/modernized version of their Progressive Power Metal (“Into The Sun”)… This new and evolved style and their capacity to regenerate themselves is clearly the demonstration of their strong potential.

4 Star Rating

1. Coming Of Age
2. Summon the Gods
3. Hopeful Eyes
4. The Furthest Reaches
5. The Cleansing
6. Wardens of the New World
7. Heed The Warning
8. Supernova
9. Starchild
10. Into The Sun
11. Come Sail Away
Tom Braden – Lead Vocals
Ty Tammeus – Drums
Jonathan Jennings – Bass
Shamus McConney – Guitars
Bill Staley – Lead Guitars
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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