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As Autumn Calls - Cold, lack, And Everlasting

As Autumn Calls
Cold, lack, And Everlasting
by Angela "The Hunter" at 18 November 2013, 3:51 PM

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world and those who craft it wield a most awesome force indeed. It may be written as doleful and bleak or uplifting and inspiring but no matter how it is conveyed music always invokes a response. I can assure you that “Cold, Black, And Everlasting” by Canadian born AS AUTUMN CALLS will illicit one of two responses; you’ll love it or hate it. Either way, you’ll will feel something.

Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, this melodic death metal band has a lot to offer the world of music. Their vocal mix of clean and growl, contrasting guitar parts, and somber music style with a touch of lyrical brutality is a fascinating combination of opposing forces being brought together for the good of the song. “Haunted” draws the listener in with a haunting piano intro which really sets the mood for the entire album. Somber keys and rhythm work create the foundation of the piece while an intricate lead is played atop growling vocals. From there we head into “Black Night Silent”, a song which blends electric and acoustic guitar work with clean vocals giving it a soothingly bleak feel. James’ growls pierce the calm nearly halfway through the song taking it from painful serenity to aggressive acceptance. One should not partake of AS AUTUMN CALLS if one is in a good mood.

The next song, “These Doleful Shades”, has a very traditional Melodic Death / Doom feel to it. Lyrics are growled, guitars riffs are rolling with the drum work being thick and pragmatic. Keys give the song an otherworldly feeling until nearly ¾ ways through the song when all hell breaks loose. Demonic growls and pounding rhythm work assault your senses jolting you out of the sublime sadness you were lulled into. Soon though it slides back into its beginnings and then fades out into the night. Each song is an epic piece of mournful melody that encourages indulgence in the sorrowful or bitterness aspects of life, and entreats you to stay there.

Next is “The Light Which No Longer Shines” is really another well written piece similar to “These Doleful Shades” without the vicious break. From there we come to the songs “Darkness Reflected”, “Darkness Confined”, and “Darkness Everlasting”, which are a venerable trifecta of bleak, frost bitten lyrics, morose vocals, and Doom driven music. These songs lend themselves to self-reflection and longing for the listener. All in all, this entire album, while depressing as fuck, it an incredible work that those with any love for melodic or doom death metal will appreciate. For a rating I would say an 8 out of 10. Until next time, stay well and live free my friends!

4 Star Rating

1. Haunted
2. Black Night Silent
3. These Doleful Shades
4. The Light Which No Longer Shines
5. Darkness Reflected
6. Darkness Confined
7. Darkness Everlasting
James - Bass, Growls
Andrew - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Brendan - Guitars
Darren – Drums
Record Label: Rain Without End Records


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