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As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire Award winner

As I Lay Dying
Shaped By Fire
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 27 September 2019, 8:33 AM

AS I LAY DYING return from a 7 year hiatus, which is of course due to Tim’s Jail sentence. When I think about where they were soundwise when they released AWAKENED back in 2012, it makes me wonder if the 7 year gap will be too much. They did however release “MY Own Grave” on single last year, which went down very well. They were a driving force in the erly 00’s Metalcore scene with bands like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SYLOSIS, HEVEAN SHALL BURN and ALL THAT REMAINS to name a few that are yet to sell out. Can AS I LAY DYING bring out another great album, proving that they are still masters of their heavier branch of Metalcore, and that those of us that are still fans of the old style of Metalcore, still hold the band in such high stead.

Blinded” is a great song because they are trying to incorporate all sections of the band into the sound and it works perfectly. It may have more clean vocals in than before, but the balance works with the sound and then Tim raises the decibels on vocals and the band match with their sound. It is a mix up of true talent and passion. "Shaped by Fire” reminds me of their older stuff, which is what got me into the band, itsd a great return of sound. There is more of Josh’s vocals in this song than I was expecting, but it add a great newe depth of sound as you can then really appreciate what Tim is doing in his own sound.

My Own Grave” has a good build up to start off the song, its faded, but you know its approaching. This is similar to how ALL THAT REMAINS approach their songs. There is a mini-Wall of Death outburst here which is good to hear. Aggression from Tim works well in balance with the rest of the band. Josh has more here in terms of vocals than usual, but it is in fine stead. It’s a throwback to how they were previously, its great to hear that no pace has been lost in 7 years This is how metalcore should sound, the passion here is brilliant.

Redefined” hits with force from the off. Jordan is really making sure his talents are heard, along with a few screams from Josh to lead the way, it’s a good sound. The only thing I’d say about this, not a bad thing, but it is more like WHILE SHE SLEEPS than AS I LAY DYING, but just as I think its not heavy enough, they kick it up. It’s a great blend of all talent from a band that have come into their own once again. Nick and Phil are strumming along with a heravy approach, but with some great clean cuts in the final third. It’s a great song

So, one of the big questions I had was about the sound, it lead me to question did the band hear the shit that was out from band’s that have sold out and thought lets shown fans what they miseed? I’d like to think so. A great return into the studio. I give it a 10/10 due to the fact it’s a return album. It gives Josh more time on the mic, which is a great addition. Tim has not dropped any pace in his time away. Jordan’s drums may be at the back on stage, but they are never in the background here, loud and proud. Phil and Nick blend a sound of heavy, thicj chords with a few clean cuts to allow a change of pace and in some ways direction, they have done very well.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Burn to Emerge
2. Blinded
3. Shaped by Fire
4. Undertow
5. Torn Between
6. Gatekeeper
7. The Wreckage
8. My Own Grave
9. Take What’s Left
10. Redefined
11. Only After We’ve Fallen
12. The Toll It Takes
Tim Lambesis – Lead Vocals
Phil Sgrosso – Guitars
Josh Gilbert – Bass Guitar & Clean Vocals
Nick Hipa – Guitars
Jordan Mancino – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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