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As I May - Speak No Evil

As I May
Speak No Evil
by Craig Rider at 31 July 2017, 3:26 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: AS I MAY; signed via Illusia Studios, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Heavy Metal/Nu-Metal/Metalcore, on their debut album entitled “Speak No Evil”. (released in 2017)

Since formation in 2016; the quintet in question have released their debut album in the year of 2017, it's no secret that quartets such as AS I MAY (not sure if that could be considered a band name, to be honest - to each their own as they say), waste no time in releasing new material. On an intoxicated night; the lads decided to create a new band in which satisfies their tastes (which of course is usually what happens…) which stems from Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal, in an intricately designed formula of combined Nu-Metal/Metalcore fusions. 8 tracks ranging at around less than 30 minutes – the band incorporate songwriting that's both hard-hitting, and rhythmically melodic, though there are a few setbacks that make things seem typically generic. From opening track “Lost And Found” which delivers an introduction of brutish intentions from front man vocalist Kimmo Hartikainenb, showcasing brilliant deep guttural growling - until the bland clean singing ensues.

There seems to be a trend of the cleanliness in the upcoming songs that leaves a bad impression for me, it's by no means bad…it just repeats in a fashion that doesn't bide with me. Consisting of complex, dexterous duo Jani Valhola & Lasse Hiltunen on guitars and backing vocals (mostly clean) - the couplet efficiently provide a solid array of groovy riffs at their disposal. “Ready To Meet Your Maker” continues to consistently flow with instrumentation in which is manically savage with elements from aforementioned sub-genres and sufficient amounts of solos that scream with power, the next track “Stage Of Fools” is where the edginess develops as the emotional backing vocals gets in the way of the vehement musicianship in which showcases delicate proficiency - just the arrangements seem a bit off. Powerhouse drummer Ville Aulaskoski & bassist Hra Röinen contrive with an organic aesthetic however, that has a substance of unique flavour.

Fight Forever” has a harmonic enlightenment with more continuous “fight forever!” chorus', crunchy vocal patterns and more barbarically pummeling velocity - it's just unfortunate that those cringy, emotive patterns are implemented, they are by no means awful; I just personally don't think they were necessary or suit the alliance - this is Metal after all. That aside; “Wrong Side Of Heaven” attempts to be catchy, only to dismiss the effect as it doesn't fully hit. A nice crushing bass intrusion and more of those blandish vocals. It's a decently diverse variety featuring infectiously groovy punch lines, only the execution doesn't stand out. “Nothing Lasts Forever” opens in a similar characteristic that quartets like BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE would, the clean vocals sound extremely rough here, and sounded like they could have used more work. “Disease” seems to be the high-point of the record, deviating with multiple styles of Metal in a unique way.

Concluding “Speak No Evil” with the final track “No Way Back” (which is easily forgettable), AS I MAY overall provide devastating riffs & hooks that will have you bashing diligently - only the sound production will make you wobble a bit. If you love obvious Nu-Metal breakdowns; meaty Metalcore riffs with renditions of clean Vs. harsh vocal ranges, and are fans of SLIPKNOT, KORN & so on - this will be a good discovery for you.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Sound Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Lost And Found
2. Ready To Meet Your Maker
3. Stage Of Fools
4. Fight Forever
5. Wrong Side Of Heaven
6. Nothing Last Forever
7. Disease
8. No Way Back
Kimmo Hartikainen - Vocals
Jani Valhola - Guitar, Vocals
Lasse Hiltunen - Guitar, Vocals
Hra Röinen - Bass
Ville Aulaskoski - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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