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As Oceans - Still Miles To Go

As Oceans
Still Miles To Go
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 03 April 2018, 2:49 AM

Formed in 2011, and from North Carolina USA , AS OCEANS delivers third full length album: "Still miles to go".Their latest release before that is 2015's EP "Willow". "Blackfish" is the first track. Logan's voice is very interesting, I like it. He uses both clean tones and harsh tones. The guitar is mostly harmonic.This is a mid-tempo song that opens the gates comfortably,letting us entering AS OCEANS 's realm.The drumming technique is convincing and impressive. The bass parts are quite audible easily so it's ear candy for me.This is a great song…we hear loads of emotions expressed here.

"Wanderer Above the Mist" is (i think) inspired by an oil painting dating from  1818 by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich. It begins with oriental ambiance intro and tribal singing & screaming. I dig it. Primitive ambiance and breakdowns and dual triggered bass drums, that i'm not too fond of it but that doesn't last too long. Then we can hear vocal harmonies that are well performed. Logan's clean vocals gives major intensity to the song. I can feel a late nineties melodic Death Metal influence. "Snake Oil" is a song about politics and society we can hear a cacophonic yet chaotic sample at first. Stuck between two slices of Deathcore, we have some classic Melo-Death sometimes: early INFLAMES or DARK TRANQUILITY, sounds weird but i felt it.

"Shadow Exodus" blasts us with major breakdowns riffs and then we are allowed to breathe with some aerial moments. Then the drums tells us this isn't over and we are off to another violent journey. The chorus is very catchy and good.All ends with a repetition of time variations and atmosphere going back where we started. "Satyagraha:" Well lets have a look at the track's name…weird isn't it? Wondering what it stands for? Well me too. I had to google it to be less ignorant haha. So it means non-violent resistance and was created by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. "Satya" meaning "Truth" and agraha insistence or holding firmly to an idea. Cool isn't it? We got an inspired song. Drums are at the foreground & I like that approach. It has a nice production as well. "The Gulch" has an intro sample expressing one question. "Why as advanced in technology and all we are and still cannot develop freely our full potential?" Great Instrumental song. I love that break…very soothing. "Splinters: is a multi layer song. Great composition , not generic "verse chorus verse". We have a song with good potential and I really appreciate the calm part with kind of "Jazzy sounding bass".

"Trilogy part I : The Knight" signs the first part of this trilogy with overwhelming clean vocals by Logan, mighty bass. The atmosphere is light. This is the most progressive song of the album for me. The solo is not that complex but deep. It all ends slowly to part 2…"Trilogy part 2: The Premonition" is in your face. No time to waste as we're propulsed with fast paced drums and guitar picking. There's rage and ferocious straight forward singing.Second half of the song is a breakdown kingdom teamed up with pretty neat guitar solo which sound reminds me of DEATH's Symbolic album.Yummy! "Trilogy part 3: The Mourning" offers surprising rhythm guitar. We can also hear a weird demon voice talking to the protagonist. Personally, I didn't enjoy the voice that much.
Good trilogy but i'm not sure i understood the story behind it.

"Still Miles To Go" is the last song , beginning with acoustic guitar. I was surprised of the use of acoustic six strings. Really i think they should've used this more on the album since Logan's voice added to acoustic guitar is a success. I don't know if he plays guitar but he should do a personal solo album , the folk way. I mean it. The song is about struggling the past and heading for a bright future, screaming at the mountains , the vastness of the world surrounding us. This one touched me , many of us felt that way one day or another. Just one thing i didn't like was that that ended too abruptly and the song could have been more long.Great job! "Still Miles To Go" is an emotional and introspective personal offering. It's powerful, well written and the production is "Grade A". Keep up the good work, guys!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Blackfish
2. Wanderer Above The Mist
3. Snake Oil
4. Shadow Exodus
5. Satyagraha
6. The Gulch
7. Splinters - 2
8. Part I - The Knight
9. Part II - The Premonition
10. Part III - The Mourning
11. Still Miles To Go
Logan Lawson - Vocals
Ben Dunlop - Drums, Backing Vocals
Kit Brown  - Bass
Pat Tarpey - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Primitive Ways Records


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Edited 05 December 2022

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