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As They Burn - Will, Love, Life Award winner

As They Burn
Will, Love, Life
by Dory Khawand at 18 March 2013, 5:27 PM

Fucking France dude! Not only do they make the best fromage and bread, but they do so with Deathcore and Metalcore. The latest offering from Victory Records: “Will, Love, Life” by the behemoths AS THEY BURN is no exception to my previous statement. It’s probably the mature album the genre has been waiting for, and well, it’s fucking awesome, and I have a horde of drunken frenchies to back me up.

What most of you close-minded metal heads complain about is how fake the genre is, and how you find the formula oversimplified. Sorry, you’ve been wrong the whole time, and this release here has everything I can use to come back at your pathetic criticism. What does it have you ask? It has pure dedication, and that is a feel that won’t disappear from the start till the end of the album. It has astounding musicianship, varied moods throughout the tracks, and the best thing, the balanced dose of brutality. When the sheer breakdowns kick in for assault, you’ll be fully prepared to move your head, and when the melodic guitar riffs arrive, you’ll be enjoying your time to the max.

Medicine 2.0” starts up the album with a very catchy guitar melodies accompanied with some guitar chugs, followed by the heavily improved vocals of Kevin Traore, and the very well balanced drum play. I still remember listening to their Demo back in 2008, and I must say, AS THEY BURN have switched 180 degrees over here. “Isis”, the fifth track is the most progressive, and features the best melodies throughout the whole album. The last track “Sons of Shiva” is surprisingly similar to Djent… must be the guitar tuning or something, but variety is always appreciated, and no flaws have been noticed by the band so far.

Yes, I skipped a lot of tracks in my review since details are boring, but we all got the main idea. “Will, Love Life” is a must-try album. Even if you’re not a fan of the Core genre overall, it’s nothing you should skip. So far it’s the best album of 2013, and something that I will always want to play over and over. Victory Records surely proved to me that they’re one of the best and mature record labels with this release.

4 Star Rating

1. Medicine 2.0
2. Origin
3. Dream Collapse
4. The Conscious Man
5. Isis
6. Frozen Vision Part 1
7. Frozen Vision Part 2
8. When Everything Falls Apart
9. Z(h)ero
10. F.R.E.A.K.S.
11. Sons of Shiva
Hoby Arinosy – Guitars
Kevin Traore – Vocals
Ronald Pastor – Bass
Milton Bakech – Drums
Fabio Meschini – Guitars
Bastien Jacquesson – Keyboards
Record Label: Victory Records


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