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As We Draw - Mirages

As We Draw
by CC Spearhead at 17 September 2014, 3:37 PM

Riding the edge of internal turmoil can lead to a sonic experience of dramatic intensity or abysmal confusion. As We Draw implant their manifestation of controlled chaos for listeners with the album “MIRAGES”. Interweaving music and emotion leads the listener down a dark, twisted, and chaotic path toward future unknown. Atmospheric pressure mixed with slightly progressive rhythm chops set the tone for this 11-track skin ripping release.

AS WE DRAW displays vast quantities of individual talent within a scope of planned mass confusion. 4/4 timing is a rarity within these 11 songs in such vivid display, that when it does occur, it sounds completely alien. You’ll find no normalcy here. A dark and brooding desire haunts this album with grinding howls from the trio of stripped throats. Truly, there are instances when this album feels more like a snugly fitting straight jacket and we hear the screams peel from tortured insanity.

Opening track, “THE WINDOW”, spans 10 plus minutes of unrelenting metal acrobatics. MIRAGES contain no “hooks” and instead centers on frequent time signature and tempo manipulations. If there be any reoccurring theme, you’d find yourself constantly waiting on the beat amidst a slew of varying crescendos. You’ll hear very many build ups of unique design but often they miss the mark of complete alignment. Often three great weapons aiming for multiple targets on random setting, while withstanding the attack of screams.

Amidst the disorder, there are a few breaks allowing the reconstruction of our mental pallet, including the album’s most ear-appeasing track, “ACCEPTANCE”. Grasping a solid groove throughout this album is impossible and a downfall for this type of metal. Differentiating the songs was still difficult after the fourth listen.

In contrast the best thing about “MIRAGES” is the riff surplus and variety. Drummer Amaury, throttles the kit in tremendous rhythm fashion. Post metal of this kind saddles the shoulders of a great rhythm section and soul-draining vocals. “MIRAGES” is an experience unique in its own voice but strikingly similar to other acts in the same vein. There is no preparing for AS WE DRAW and their crushing twisted release, and there is no way to escape its effect on your core being.

3 Star Rating

1. The Window
2. Losing Ground
3. Blackout
4. Blackmail
5. Fata Morgana
6. Denial
7. Acceptance
8. Fata Bromosa
9. Panic
10. Shipwreck
11. Limbo
Amaury - Drums, Vocals, Synths
Pierre - Bass, Vocals
Quentin - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Throatruiner Records


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