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As We Fight/ The Psyke Project - Ebola

As We Fight/ The Psyke Project
by Fede "FedeRock" Taich at 16 May 2011, 4:51 PM

These two Metalcore/Hardcore bands from Denmark decided to go on an old school type of release and put out a split CD. It presented four songs of AS WE FIGHT and five songs of THE PSYKE PROJECT. I can tell you one thing; if you like modern Hardcore you will totally love this album.

AS WE FIGHT is a band that has been around for a while with three albums and an EP. This band has made itself quite a name in the Hardcore scene. This release is also a comeback release for singer Laurits Medom. The four songs are just straightforward Hardcore with a very powerful sound and attitude just as Hardcore should sound.

THE PSYKE PROJECT is a kind of the same mood as the former. It has been around as the former and had also three full-length to date.The difference is especially in the style of music, even though it’s still Hardcore, this band is more aggressive and a little more twisted. The guitar riffs are very MESHUGGAH like and the vocals are more of the Death Metal style. Moreover, there is a big Doom influence.

These two bands have done, from where I saw it, a very smart move, because today you have to keep the fans updated and if you don’t have enough stuff for a full-length album it’s a smart move to do a split especially with a band that is kind-off in the same mood. This is something that was very popular in the 80s Metal/Hardcore scene and I think that with the current situation of the music business today, it can be a great option.

I think that the album sounds good when it comes to the production. I really loved that there is a small difference between the sounds of the two bands, but on the other hand there is still the feeling that this is a full album. The only thing that bothered me is that these guys didn't renew anything. The songs are good but it’s not something that I would call refreshing.

As We Fight / The Psyke Project

4 Star Rating

As We Fight
1. Shattered
2. Save Me
3. Bitter End
4. Black Heart

The Psyke Project
1. We Came From Earth
2. Battles
3. This Road To Hell
4. Only I Remain
5. A 1000 Frozen Bodies 
As We Fight:
Laurits Medom- Vocals
Martin "Gun/Golter" Goltermann- Guitar
Martin "O" Olsen- Guitar
Søren "Steel" Hvidt- Bass
Niels "Niller" Plum- Drums

The Psyke Project:
Martin Nielskov- Vocals
Mikkel Vadstrup- Lead Guitar
Christian Bonnesen- Rhythm Guitar
Rasmus Sejersen- Drums
Jeppe Skouv- Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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