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Ascension - Deathless Light

Deathless Light
by Eli Hohozia at 31 December 2014, 11:15 AM

German Black Metal group ASCENSION does a very interesting thing, if not in their music, then at least in the way they work. Their latest release, "Deathless Light", is an EP that contains two tracks that add up to 15 minutes of music. The lineup is anonymous, and while there are clues around the internet concerning their identity, few really know who are behind the project. But unlike some other groups, the secrecy is not a gimmick. It's a sign of professionalism. Put the work out there, let people judge it by its merit, not by the names behind it. This group after all deals with the Occult.

The EP starts with a title track that is also part of the upcoming full length album. "Deathless Light" is a headcrusher, starts a fast pacing drive. A very firm and solid drumbeat combined with a stormy progression, it keeps driving for some moments until the vocals come in. Between the verses there are some appropriate guitar phrases. The song depicts some kind of cult or group that conducts murderous rituals in the name of a deity called Alla Xul. At the third minute there's a interlude that is slower in its nature with background hissings, to bring you into the atmosphere of what's to come. The vocalist chants in the honor of Alla Xul and calls the group to bow down and embrace him. At the fifth minute the whole thing goes up a notch, a more dramatic vocalization and the instruments return to something closer to the original tempo. The solid drumbeat returns and the guitar keep the stormy atmosphere along with a flowing lead phrasing. The whole thing continues until the seventh minute, and then comes the outro.

The second track, "Garden of Stone" is more atmospheric in nature, slowly forming and constantly flowing. The track is heavily and carefully layered, it feels very solid although atmospheric. The tracks depict different sides and capabilities of the project. I must mention the careful and rich production. It's a good EP that creates in you a thirst for more.

4 Star Rating

1. Deathless Light
2. Garden of Stone
No Information Available
Record Label: World Terror Committee


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