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Ascension - Under Ether

Under Ether
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 05 May 2018, 7:19 AM

There are some differences from Metal Schools around the world. In the case of German Black Metal, the bands show a great tendency to use an unorthodox approach, due the influences of Thrash Metal and Death Metal along with fine darkened melodies, and even some Progressive Metal touches can be heard. Maybe ASCENSION can be a fine example of what I mean, because their third album, “Under Ether”, is really a good release.

The use of a SWOBM approach along with different musical influences can result in a work that can be as aggressive as morbid at the same time. Of course it’s nothing new at all (as it’s hard to find actually), but they show a strong and savage musical identity during all the songs. But their greatest feature is that their harmonies are easy to be assimilated by our senses, so it is amazing and hooking sometimes. Their main option was for a crude sound in the same format of those pioneers of the Second Wave of Black Metal (that what’s SWOBM means, dears), with a rusty and aggressive sound, the “ugly aesthetics” of the genre. But it’s good enough for us to understand what they are playing. It’s not good if you’re looking for a super production, but it is what fits on the band’s musical work. It’s a good work from Michael Zech and V. Santura, indeed.

“Under Ether” catches the same spirit of those Black Metal albums from the first half of the 90’s, when the genre was coming back from the deepest parts of underground. Songs as the morbid and harsh “Ever Staring Eyes” (excellent rhythmic changes are presented on it), the fast moments with good guitar riffs shown on “Dreaming in Death”, the morbid and graven atmosphere of the slow tempos of “Ecclesia” (very good grunts and snarls, indeed) and “Pulsating Nought”, and the oppressive mass of sound that “Stars to Dust” bears are the best moments of this album.

ASCENCION is really a very good name, so if you’re an extreme Metal fan, listen to “Under Ether” at any cost!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Garmonbozia
2. Ever Staring Eyes
3. Dreaming in Death
4. Ecclesia
5. Pulsating Nought
6. Thalassophobia
7. Stars to Dust
8. Vela Dare
Record Label: W.T.C. Productions


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