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Aschenvater - Landungsfeldmassaker

by Justin Joseph at 27 July 2021, 10:16 PM

ASCHENVATER just kick started the apocalypse with their first release (an EP), titled “Landungsfeldmassaker” with this release it seems they are bringing about the rise of the machines. If you are not familiar with ASCHENVATER they are a somewhat new band forming in 2016 hailing from the land of Germany. Their style is reminiscent of the older era of Death Metal and seems to have some influence from BOLT THROWER. That’s not all they seem to have in common with BOLT THROWER, as both bands also draw artistic elements from the game WARHAMMER 40,000. Now onto the actual album, is it any good? Let’s find out!

The album starts off with an instrumental, “Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung”. I always stand by an opener as this is how the listener enters the world in which the artist ushers us into, and this track fulfils that purpose. The instruments erect a desolate world that feels barren and sickly as the track opens with the echoing of howling winds. The atmosphere manufactured feels almost machine like, as though judgment day has occurred from the Terminator, it outputs an apocalyptic feeling. The guitars have a cold, metallic vibe to the riffing as well as the drumming feels mechanical in nature.

The vocals transmitting from this machine sounds as though it draws inspiration from the giants such as OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER and even ASPHYX. But it doesn’t sound like a copy and paste, it blends itself seamlessly, integrating perfectly into this doomsday machine. What I particularly enjoy about the vox is that it sounds untamed, raw and unleashed. If someone were to tell me after this recording session, the vocalist was throwing up blood and bile…I’d probably believe it. I mean this as a compliment by the way, the noises created seem to be clawing out, ripping his throat apart, and I LOVE that, the unhinged ferocity of this voice. “Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig”, the second track brings forth the sound of destruction that will ring upon the air of the whole album. The track as whole projects a cataclysmic tone by the guitar riffs and thunderous drums. A highlight of the track is at the 1:08 mark where the guitars break into a groovy rhythm followed by a Thrash-like riff at 1:18 then back into the frenetic riffing at 1:43 and branching into a rather melodic solo at 2:27.

The album as a whole seem to carry the spirit of FEAR FACTORY’s “Soul of A Machine” album. Not in terms of the sound, but more of the aesthetic and grittiness of the aura produced. This is exemplified in the third track, “Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter”. Building upon the barren wasteland feeling, the track opens with a doomy dissonant riff that feels like you are witnessing the creation of blasphemous machine being assembled in a factory. Enter the agonizing screams to envelop the walls of this machine, the vocals carry a distinct howl to them that just emits a suffering and torturous feeling. This is shown at the 1:52 mark, when the pace slows down including the vocals creating a bloodcurdling effect to the enunciation. The doomy approach bleeds into a thrash onslaught at the 2:53 where the riffs and drums come together to create that mountain of chaos. But yeah yeah yeah you get the point, this song is freaking sonic assault upon the senses, so excuse my language here…but the breakdown at 4:13 is where it’s at for me which just constructs an image of man killing machine just ripping and tearing flesh mindlessly apart from humans as they scamper with fear in their bones. The momentum just increases at 4:24 with that machine gun sounding double bass and again at 4:57 where the riff fuses with the intensity carved by the drums.

Blut auf schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch”, the fourth track, while it is assembled with similar parts and components of the previous songs, meaning, its genetic makeup still contains that mechanized killer vibe. Now this statement is directed at vocalist….WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT OPENING???? For those who may be confused, the song begins with a deep, low, guttural and it sounds soooooo good. I wish he utilized that lower register a bit more often, not that there’s anything wrong with the current one, but it adds another dimension of brutality to the mix. Another enjoyable moment, is at the 2:11 mark which delves into a groovy riff coupled with the drums and then into a more thrash based style, what makes it stand out is the riffing energy that feels like a sheet of metal being cut, this is also prominent at the 3:15 mark together with the ammunition artillery sounding double bass.

The final track, “Verräter // Visionen der Hölle” commences with a pummelling effect as though a Terminator is hammering down on a human skull just crushing it into dust. This Is created with both the riffing and drums simultaneously and then branches into the familiar thrash-like sound that is present throughout the album. The build up to 1:38 is worth the wait as culminates to a bludgeoning assault. The song as a whole is fitting cog in this grandiose machine, from 3:16 till the end, a melodic section is echoed throughout that feels as though the machines have decimated everything, everyone in its path…everything is lost.

For a first release, this is pure excellence, if this is their starting point, I can’t wait to see what they will assemble in the future. All members here are talented and together form a formidable machine. I most definitely will look forward to anything they create, as they have made a fan out of me. Best of luck ASCHENVATER.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung
2. Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig
3. Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter
4. Blut auf schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch
5. Massaker // Echos
6. Durch das Kadavermeer // Geschenke des Krieges
7. Verräter // Visionen der Hölle
Marko - Guitars
Oliver - Vocals
Marcus - Bass
Record Label: Dead Center Productions


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