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Asenblut – Die Wild Jagd Award winner

Die Wild Jagd
by Neil Cook at 11 June 2020, 8:14 AM

ASENBLUT originally formed in 2006 in Gottingen, Lower Saxony, Germany, with 3 previous Albums and 1 EP under their belts, you could have easily thought they were from a small fishing and raiding colony nestled in a Fjord on the Norwegian coastline, as there is more than a little bit of the Viking in their sound, and no doubt their blood. But that isn’t their all. They are much more than just fist pumping, drinking horn waiving wannabe Bersekers (although this is the name of their last LP from 2016), their sound is built on many foundations, yes Viking Metal and Melodeath, but also Classic Heavy Metal, Thrash and a good does of Teutonic Power Metal to boot.  They will appeal to fans of AMON AMARTH, ARCH ENEMY, as well as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST to IN FLAMES and ANNIHILATOR.

The Lyrics are all sung in German, not that to me it matters, in the same way listening to RAMMSTEIN isn’t hampered by not understanding the words, Tetzel's Gruff growls and grunts have a melody of their own, think of the voice as another lead instrument. And too be honest you don’t need to understand the words, to get the meaning for some of these songs it’s clear. “Seite An Seite” for example, has a rousing chorus, which could only be a song of Viking Brotherhood, translated as “Side By Side” the meaning becomes clear.  It is also one of the best examples of this musical mélange that their sound is. It is a very “Viking” song, no mistake there, but the twin guitars are pure Classic Metal.

And this is typical of many of the songs on Offer. Be it the melody of the twin guitar attack or the relentless, monster-like pounding of the drums by the appropriately monikered Balrogh! From the opening title track “Die Wild Jagd” (The Wild Hunt), which tears off like a pack of wolves in pursuit of their prey,  “Drachentöter” (Dragon Slayer), with its brooding power Metal menace, or the MAIDEN like twin guitars and melodic Death pace, all delivered with a real snarl to the vocals, the whole album twists and turns like the great serpent itself.

As I’ve mentioned there is absolutely no need to be a German Speaker to get all the neck bending, fist pumping, and yes horn raising action you are going to need from this LP. So raise your drinking horn aloft and shout Skul, Prost or Cheers and drink like a warrior!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Die Wilde Jagd
2. Codex Gigas
3. Seite An Seite
4. Irminsul
5. Drachentöter
6. Penumbra
7. Weder Gott Noch Könige
8. Wolfshunger
9. 300
10. Seite An Seite (Extended Version)
Tetzel - Vocals
Claus Cleinkrieg - Guitars
Stan - Guitars
Sash - Bass
Balrogh - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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