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Ash Borer - Cold Of Ages Award winner

Ash Borer
Cold Of Ages
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 01 July 2013, 2:19 PM

It’s a gentle clear day and as you lie in the open meadow you see one cloud entering from within your view. You slowly follow it until it becomes the center of your view. As this transit state happens other clouds naturally begin to follow. At this point, the gentleness is dissolved to cause a distortion. The clear beautiful day is no longer and by seconds you see the ominous atmosphere bundle aside to create an eye in the sky, an all-seeing eye. This eye creates typhoons as it expands until its intended figure is formed.

All this imagery formed from the first three minutes of the interesting and subtle intro of “Descended Lamentations“. And as the form comes into being, a catastrophic display of black is seen. Even within this change from white to black, it condenses its form to show a display of grey. Even within this portal it keeps the same hypnotic gentle trance yet aggressively so. The drums lead the rhythmic guitars into the foreshadowing of something big. The interest is kept well and the drums spin varying its path as time ticks. Just around the time the minutes enter the double digits, is one of the most interesting interludes to cross my path in a long while. It’s distant yet you can feel its nauseous pressure from the distance. A slow, almost Doom-like composition has the ability to slow your senses as seconds become minutes and minutes become hours. As the song closes, the pressure slowly disperses until complete banishment of its signal. Maybe it’s a forewarning.

The first four minutes of “Phantoms” sound lost to our physical realm. It’s detached and roams with the utmost diligence to find its purpose. The guitars are very dissonant, almost taking a spectral form where the human eye cannot see. Screams in the background as well seem to be interacting with the humid moisture in the air, fogged to where we cannot see the figure clearly and the voice somehow follows. And just how sometimes we stay in the darkest area to reveal the picture in the blank canvas, this too transforms. But unlike a photograph, we are unsure of what we are going to receive. Sometimes even with the most assurance a positive picture might in fact show you the negative development. Around the eight minute mark all instruments cease and all that remains is a view. It’s like watching a space shuttle launch unexpectedly and when the shuttle is out of view and exited our Earth’s atmosphere you still watch in bewilderment as expecting something, but abruptly ends.

It looks like it was a forewarning after all and we did not heed its warning, now it returns. The same doom-like composition is in “Convict All Flesh”, but nothing like we expected the figure to be. The rhythm was gentler and absent of all the suffocating pressure from before. Our neutral acquaintance was in fact a woman. Jessica Way (WORM OUROBOROS) guest appears here and her soft ghastly chants capture our eyes off guard. This gives her the perfect chance to attack as the music changes and intensifies. Not only were we fooled once, but twice- is it over? Synthesizers are more notable here. Instead of the usual, they are here to introduce a forth coming tale. A dark tale. It is followed by another awesome interlude and after it changes tempo, is the album’s most chaotic drumming yet. The band’s catalysis is beautifully done on this track.

And finally “Removed Forms” starts with the ripples of life. Soft droplets of water in an afterimage and fading again until consciousness is awakened once more. Our observer is alive, just barely, after the assault earlier. The observer is fighting with his will to contemplate his stay between the physical and the spiritual realm. You can hear the obtrusions between both realms trying to convince the observer to their homestead, respectively. Jessica Way once again providing vocals for the otherworldly vocals. With a moment of silence, a choice is breached. The observer awakens with a howl towards the full moon and glowing eyes shaded with the moonlight. The vocalist, K, is in absolute darkness now. During the vile transformation, there is resistance, but ultimately the darkness wins and the music follows suit. To avoid a choice, the observer transformed and died while their humanity was engulfed and lost for eternity. The observer’s death brings the choice to a stalemate. 

4 Star Rating

1. Descended Lamentations
2. Phantoms
3. Convict All Flesh
4. Removed Forms
M - Drums
A - Guitars
K - Guitars, Vocals
N - Synthesizer
R - Bass
Record Label: Pesanta Urfolk


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