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Ashen Waves – Premonition

Ashen Waves
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 26 March 2015, 7:13 AM

What is so-called Progressive Metal?

That’s a hard question to answer.

There are many bands labeled as Progressive Metal in many ways, whether they are melodic or extreme. If we want to get the deeper idea behind the name, then we must know about Progressive Rock. To know and understand the works done by names as PINK FLOYD, JETHRO TULL, YES and many others,  we must also possess a deeper knowledge about metal. This is so we can understand the whole thing. We can assume that the first band to mix both styles is RUSH on “2112”. This album became a true statement for future generations. QUEENSRYCHE, in the 80s, gave a hand to put the things in their due places on the style with “Rage For Order" (just give a listening patiently on the album sound quality, and you’ll understand what I mean). Then it was DREAM THEATER on “Images and Words” and “Awake” as they helped to expand the limits even more. And from this point on, the whole thing became bigger and totally out of control. Many bands used these simple formulas to expand their musical efforts. So, when hearing bands such as the North American trio ASHEN WAVES, to understand what they’re up to do is not a trouble anymore. And their first album, “Premonition”, becomes a tasteful gift.

Of course the band is not creating something really new at all, for many bands were and are playing the same way. But we cannot deal with them as one more band doing more of the same thing we heard before. Sometimes melodic and ethereal, and other ones more extreme and harsh, their work really has got a strong and bold personality, with good vocals (using the melodic and clean tunes sometimes, and some harsh high pitch screams in other moments), very good work on guitars, and a heavy and technical rhythmic kitchen. All these elements are used with wisdom.

A very good sound quality, very good songs as the ethereal and charming “Whispers”, and the brutal “Enmity”. The mixes of brutality with charming introspective moments on “Frozen Night”, and even some purely progressive and “Bridge Through Time”, they really show that their name can be strong in the future. But the album has a weak point in its four instrumental songs. Of course they don’t last more than two minutes, but four on an album with ten songs?

Well, the final result is positive, so we can hope they’ll have a great future. But for now, are very good, indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. Whispers
2. Premonition I
3. Enmity
4. Premonition II
5. Frozen Night
6. Premonition III
7. Bridge Through Time
8. The Void
9. Premonition IV
10. Anamnesis
Peter Hraur – Guitars, Keyboards, & Vocals
Graham Noel – Bass
Tyler Fedeli – Vocals, drums
Record Label: Independent


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