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Ashes In Vein - Ashes In Vein

Ashes In Vein
Ashes In Vein
by Moti Rokah at 11 April 2015, 2:41 AM

Listening to the New EP of the melodic metal band ASHES IN VEIN was a bit conflicting, from one hand there is a strong connection to the Melodic\\Groove Death Metal with a great mix of screaming and growling, strong fast guitars with interesting solos, And on the other hand they try to establish a connection to the pure melodic genre with the clean vocals on the chores that shifts the balance and weakens most of the parts.

"Misery" starts with a whispering declaration that blast into screaming vocals and powerful fast guitars with strong walls of drums and bass, the clean vocals emerge on the second part and give a turn to the melodic metal but actually don't get the job done, hopefully they will find the right balance to make it stick.

The self-titled song sustains a great strong mid pace groove and very low growling that won't embrace many brutal bands ,The song shifts to the combination of clean vocals with the  low growling and repeating verses of hardcore street screaming.

"Fight" turns to the art of Swedish Death Metal at the beginning and drops to hardcore vocals parts with s strong parts of drums and bass, they don’t give the clean vocals any parts in here and it works like a clock. "Until the end of time"; the last song starts with a riding mode of grooves and breaks and connects strongly to the Melodic Metal in its core of confessing singing parts and strong solos that shows how talented these guys are,let them find the right scales between genres and reemerge with a new mature album in the close future.

2 Star Rating

1. Misery
2. Ashes In Vein
3. Fight
4  Until The End Of Time
Tyler Peterson - Vocals
Zach Howard - Guitars/backupvocals
James Swaim – Bass/vocals
Jackson Hoyle - Guitar
Andrew Calovich - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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