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Asia - Silent Nation (CD)

Silent Nation
by Eleni Mouratoglou at 15 September 2004, 8:26 PM

Asia are among the quite limited bands a song of which is known literally to everybody, no matter the genres he is in (just like Europe's “Final Countdown or Scorpions' “Wind Of Change for example). I doubt whether there is any person I have met in my life who ignores “Heat Of The Moment.
The sad thing is that this huge success proved to be a double jeopardy. Purchasing such an ultra-hit almost condemned Asia to extinction. Quite unfair, don't you think? Humanity could now be assimilating musicians who had been interfering at some point with groups like Yes (Geoff Downes), Uriah Heep (John Wetton-ex Asia vocalist), ELO (John Payne) and many more legends to one and only song. Ok, this song and one or two other songs from the debut album evolved into all-time mainstream classics. So what?
Fortunately Asia managed to overcome that lethal obstacle and redefined their targets. Silent Nation resembles their genuine style more than their recent releases but at the same time inaugurates a brand new era. Liberated by the guilt of a long and turbulent past Asia now come up with an album that rewards their patience and establishes them where they deserve being and all that after 7 studio albums and innumerable collections and live recordings during the last 23 years!
I suppose you have already understood that we are talking about an awesome album. This brief evaluation might be enough for Asia fans but since reviews address to everybody I should put it in more words: Silent Nation is the perfect compilation of Melodic and Progressive Rock, homogenized by an ideal dose of Symphonic pomposity.
The compositions still sound relaxing despite the many experimental and improvised features. The vocalist's complexion is just the right AOR complexion that does not need tricks to catch and keep your attention. Add the characteristic keyboards leading and guitar solos that should be the rule for every guitarist with their originality and sense of meter, have in mind that the chorus parts vary from “plain polyphony to Gregorian Chorus and you can be sure that you should get into “Silent Nation.
The album is not to be listened to superficially. Focus on the hearing with no interruptions. After all, it won't be difficult; there is no space for speed and tension that could abstract you in this ballad and semi-ballad masterpiece.
There are no songs better than the others but I listened to some of them even more. These are: What About Love, Long Way From Home, Midnight, I Will Be There For You which is the most lively track and Darkness Day (a great combination of Gregorian Chorus and programming).
Time to sum up: Talent, maturity, inspiration. The judgment seemed hard in the beginning. But now there is only one thing left to say. The title does not start with an “A any more but I give them an A+. Long Live Asia!

5 Star Rating

What About Love
Long Way From Home
Blue Moon Monday
Silent Nation
Ghost In The Mirror
Gone Too Far
I Will Be There For You
Darkness Day
The Prophet
Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards
John Pyne - Vocals & Bass
Chris Slade - Drums
Guthrie Govan - Guitar
Record Label: InsideOut Music


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