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Asphalt Horsemen - Brotherhood

Asphalt Horsemen
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 March 2017, 12:47 AM

The borderline to the south of the US has never been torn open like this, it has to be a breakthrough or something of a sort. But let’s be honest, with the latest administration executive order, the last thing that we will have is a torn borderline, try armed guarded. At least, for our benefit, the music listeners of Rock and Metal, music can make an uprising against limitations and here we are in Hungary, all the way to Eastern Europe. Savoring the fine art of the old Southern Rock music, along with the dust and trailblazers, I met down the road ASPHALT HORSEMEN, a foursome crew that seemed to be bred on the American nation. Out came “Brotherhood”, the band’s sophomore release, via Pride & Joy Music, the German platform that provided them the well-deserved chance to show their worth.

To serve as a promise can be a misguiding, as everything is in the ear of the listener, however, I beg to differ, as I believe that a consensus can be drawn right here. “Brotherhood” is a journey through a vision, which I dare to say, even American Southern Rock bands don’t share anymore. Of course that being genuine is out of the question there, yet, ASPHALT HORSEMEN created splendid pieces of music that may be the next best thing to the original bands like LYNYRD SKYNYRD for instance or even the pre-sellout era AEROSMITH. Furthermore, there is a strong vibe in the band’s Hard Rock, and I am leaving out the Southern oriented elements. It is well written, impressively executed and tight as hell. I especially liked the crunchy straight up riffery, which also a bit reminded of GUNS N’ ROSES, slick soloing and the soaring vocals that made me think of Chad Kroeger (NICKELBACK), but think of a much high end version. The production of this release also made an impact, enabling the listener to enjoy only the best.

Songwise, it was a smooth sailing all through the first eight tracks, some of them mind blowing, and got a little rougher on the edges near the end of the release, possible fillers in sight. “Seize The Day” crushed everything in its path, a tune to perfection, generating the astounding feel of Rock music straight through your face. “Dr. Tease” turned wicked, demonstrating the band’s great songwriting, hook-laden song that would switch you to reply. I might add the semi-bluesy “Wicked Woman” and the stone cold warmongers “Mill Of Grief” and “The Sacrifice”.

No wonder that the band has been able to gather a strong following in their local scene, and it seems quite logical that they would succeed on taking grounds outside their country, maybe into the west. ASPHALT HORSEMEN smeared their heart all over the place, a true American way with an Eastern European touch that made it glimmer.

4 Star Rating

1. Down In The Dirt
2. Thank You
3. Wicked Woman
4. Seize The Day
5. December
6. Dr. Tease
7. Mill Of Grief
8. The Sacrifice
9. My Old Town
10. Brotherhood
11. Lies
12 .Connected
Lőrincz Károly - Vocals / Guitar
Matyasovszky Géza - Guitar
Megyesi Balázs - Bass
Bencsik István - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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