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Asphodelia - Welcome Apocalypse

Welcome Apocalypse
by Jon Conant at 12 March 2018, 11:42 PM

What’s to be said about new symphonic metal bands trying to make their name in the scene post-2012? Well, not a lot usually. The genre has sadly begun its rapid decline after a healthy 2 years of prominence 10 years ago. Okay, I’m joking…kind of. The genre may still be alive to some degree, but certainly not the 2010 brand of symphonic metal we hear put forth by Italian newcomers ASPHODELIA in their debut full length ‘Welcome Apocalypse," due out April 20th via MIGHTY MUSIC.

That being said, as a lover of symphonic metal ever since NIGHTWISH converted me to the light of metal from my dark EDM days, I was excited to get my hands on this. I’m always looking for new bands to come and save the genre from descending into total irrelevance.

Is ASPHODELIA the savior we’ve been waiting for? To be blunt, certainly not on this album. The amateur nature of the effort comes through loud and clear: generic melodies, uninspired synth and symphonic backing parts, and derivative unimpressive guitar parts.

But, everything is performed well and with precision, the musicians certainly know what they’re doing, and lead vocalist Samuela has a STUNNING voice that reminds me of all the best parts of Simone Simons and Marcela Bovio. She’s without a doubt the strongest part of the effort, and I wish the rest of the album was on par with what she brings to the table. Particularly the guitars, they are distressingly simple, un-textured, and the production/tone is completely off with what the music calls for. In a metal band, even a symphonic one, ideally the guitar parts shouldn’t be something that holds the sound back.

Noteworthy songs include track 3 “Blackout,” the first number on the album that catches the ear after a lackluster first 2 tracks. Track 5 “Heroes” opens with one of the more promising riffs on the album, but quickly falls back into the familiar monotony. Immediately following, “Secret War” is one of the stronger songs. Backed by one of the best guitar parts, it finds layer, texture, ebb and flow, and Samuela finds a way (somehow) to elevate her performance even further.

All said and done, this album is a derivative and disappointing effort from a young band that you would hope could come out swinging, but they do not. That being said, the potential is all there. I hope to someday soon see ASPHODELIA release a smashing 2nd effort with improved songwriting and guitar parts. Whether they become a new face of symphonic metal or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime feel free to enjoy their lukewarm debut effort which fortunately is saved by the STUNNING vocals.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating


1. Welcome Apocalypse
2. Cassandra
3. Alive
4. Blackout
5. Heroes
6. Secret War
7. Behind a Smile
8. Dust
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Like Water
11. The Show
12. Flowers of Evil

Davide - Bass
Ruggero - Guitars
Samuela - Vocals, Keyboards
Giuseppe - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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