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Ass To Mouth - Degenerate

Ass To Mouth
by Lateishah Schultz at 19 March 2014, 11:47 PM

The Grindcore band ASS TO MOUTH, hailing from Poland, certainly makes their senses of humor known – which is definitely appreciated. Nicholas Cage soundbites from his performance in “Leaving Las Vegas” are used throughout the album and also to open the album in general.

This album is full of Grindcore trademarks – from the harsh and angry vocals to the lightning fast drumming. There are multiple humorous references to Pop-culture in the song titles such as “Mama, I’m Not Coming Home” and “You Have 0 Friends,” and also in the shouted choruses towards the end of the songs. “One Shot Too Far” starts with cowbell and has more of an organized riff in the beginning but then goes straight into controlled chaos.

The riffs and vocals throughout “Degenerate” are aided by a gritty production that makes the album feel a bit aged – in the best way possible. Audio samples are dropped out and are replaced by blast beats and wails and the guitar and bass tones are aggressive but still without losing clarity. The snare drum is abused like in any good Grindcore. The vast variety of tempos that ASS TO MOUTH likes to mess around with is done expertly.

All in all, this isn’t a groundbreaking Grindcore album. Although it’s good, I expected a bit more. I was hoping for the individual members to be given time to show off their own skills. 

3 Star Rating

1. 44&41
2. Under The Razor’s Edge
3. Sentenced To Grind
4. We Are The Pigs
5. One Shot Too Far
6. Drunk & Stoned
7. One Mackerel Drama
8. Mama, I’m Not Coming Home
9. Here Comes Mr. Pig
10. Alcowhore
11. Dead Kaczynskis
12. Brainless Retards
13. Suffer The Hangover
14. Idiot’s Crusade
15. The Good, The Bad, & The Dead
16. Generation Grindcore
17. You Have 0 Friends
18. 13
19. Degenerate
20. Scumbag
Kuba – Vocals
Jarek – Bass/vocals
Maciek – Guitar
Pablo – Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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