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Assault – Aevum Et IIustrata Award winner

Aevum Et IIustrata
by Paul LaPlaca at 23 August 2021, 9:54 AM

Do you remember when IN FLAMES was incredible? You know, “Colony”, “Clayman” incredible? Mid-tempo rockers with catchy hooks, the occasional keyboards, melodic solos? Singapore’s ASSAULT certainly does. Not only do they sound like a logical progression from these two albums,  they up the ante with higher aggression, more blast beats and stronger vocals. It’s like the first time I heard PANTERA and thought, “Wow! METALLICA just got really good!” ASSAULT take the best aspects of melo-death, pay homage to one of the greatest bands of the genre without ripping them off, THEN actually go beyond and elevate the style, adding more depth and stylistic elements.

This is their second album and it is remarkable in its maturity and consistency. There is a machine-gun like intensity to the drumming and production that is balanced by  a groove sensibility that will make you make that “stink face” and bob your head, thinking “Yeah, yeah, YEAH!” And once you are hypnotized and in a trance-like state from the vibe, they hit you with an insane blast beat and shrieking screams that bring you back to something like DEATH or CEPHALIC CARNAGE. “Aevum Et IIustrata” starts the album off with “Ingolstadt”,  a creepy “Eyes Wide Shut” sex party underscore, cinematic and symphonic.

This is followed by the punishing “Oration Of Lies” and I really can’t say enough about how really inspiring the whole vibe is. Every sound is crystal clear and perfectly balanced. I can’t stop moving to this. The guitar solos are the perfect combination of speed, technique, melody, and attitude. Bass comes forward to take the spotlight at just the right time, adding another voice to the instrumental brilliance that is deeply rooted in what makes a good SONG, not just a cool part. Third track, “MDCCLXXVI  Novus Ordo Seclorum” enters with a soul-crushing SHULDINER scream that drops down and turns into a roar. A keyboard melody floats over the top of all this with a ghostly, bell tone melody that seems out of place but really just rips the jaws wide open on what they expect you to ingest.

The rest of the album continues to crush, other high points include guitar work on “Age Of Enlightenment”, vocal hooks in “1778”, twin guitar harmonies, sick blast beats, and deft bass work in “Minvera”, and the epic intro melodies and guitar solo on “The Awakening”. “Aevum Et IIustrata” is a near perfect album and a sheer masterpiece of Melodic Death. It has the perfect balance of every dynamic element of songwriting ranging from slow grind tempos through straight rockers to ferocious blasts. The heavy, aggressive rhythms are juxtaposed by infectious grooves and melodic hooks in every instrument. Here’s to ASSAULT continuing on in this fashion for many, many years to come.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Ingolstadt
2. Oration Of Lies
3. MDCCLXXVI  Novus Ordo Seclorum
4. Age of Enlightenment
5. 1788
6. Minvera
7. Signs of Providence
8. The Awakening
9. Orders of the Bavarian
Clarence C. – Vocals
Matt Noah – Guitar
Hanesh Manoharan – Guitar
Syazani Syazwan – Bass
Mitch Goon – Drums
Record Label: Eastbreath Records


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