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Assedium - Far From The Light - DEMO (CD)

Far From The Light - DEMO
by Grigoris Chronis at 02 May 2006, 1:52 AM

The purity of Metal music lies - and will forever lie - in the arms of the 'underground' scene. Focusing on 'true' Metal music,  we should leave aside the one-night stars of the Music Industry, the hyper-promoted Next Big Things of malicious labels that - like the vast majority of the current Pop/Beat/whatever 'mainstream' - will save the Metal world with their unique musical magic; two albums later you're wondering what happened to this band.
Assedium hail from Italy and were kind enough to send their self financed promo Far From The Light for review, prior to their appearance at the Up The Hammers fest in Athens, Greece (in late May 2006). I don't know if the band has been active for many years now but they maturely stand proud in the path of 'Mediterranean' Epic/Power Metal. To avoid any possibility for misunderstanding, we're not talking here about Italian 'Power' Metal the Rhapsody/Labyrinth way -  I would not label their music as Power Metal, anyway, but many people do - but rather an approach to the 80's elements of 'doomy' Epic Metal. Yeap, whoever knows things of Italian bands like Doomsword or Battle Ram, you are heading to a more proper direction.
Far From The Light presents five of the band's songs dealin' with the fine mix of heavy riffs, backed up by a 'battling' rhythm section. All these, fronted by the interesting voice of Marco in the field of the pompous/operatic Metal style. The harmonies/twin leads/ solo work is notable for a private release, and (it's appealing) all five songs show a different musical approach of Epic Metal tunes. A resemblance to Cirith Ungol's legendary style here and there is visible, but not in a 'copy-paste' formula. Anyway, the guys pay homage to the U.S. Metal gods with their Black Machine cover version.
Latest Assedium news state that the band will be releasing a full length album any time. Followers of genuine Epic Metal music with relevant swords/sagas/steel lyrical themes, this is a good chance to come in touch with another fine Italian Metal band. Honest players with interesting music; Epic Metal warriors this is your option!

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Cimmerian Steel
Sacred Vengeance
Under The Black Stars
Far From The Light
Legions Of The Underworld
Black Machine (Cirith Ungol cover)
Drake - Bass
Guido - Guitar
Marco - Vocals
Daniele - Drums
Chicco - Guitar
Record Label: Self Released


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