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Assedium - Rise Of The Warlords (CD)

Rise Of The Warlords
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 October 2006, 3:51 PM

There is a certain kind of bands - especially in Central/Western Europe - that tend to preserve the 'epic' spirit of 80s Metal music in their albums. Italian 'newbies' Assedium are likely to stick to the above category since in Rise Of The Warlords the basic formula lays to the 'warlike' lane. Are they good enough? Well…
It's a good thing Assedium - in their youth, and my opinion - did not try to look for new sounds the time they created their band (2003). Led by the maniac forces of 'cult' bands like Cirith Ungol, Brocas Helm and Omen, they were not late enough in sculpturing their first tunes. I remember getting their Far From The Light demo EP a year ago, plus I had the chance to see them onstage at the Greek Up The Hammers festival in May 2006. Both incidents were 'positive' in terms of music 'honesty' but there were enough comments raised, too.
The same goes for the Rise Of The Warlords effort. Four songs off the new album are previously available on the 2006 demo (re-played, I see) and the rest of the track listing is in the same direction. Epic Metal the Italian way, from real metalheads that give 100% of their faith in this band. The likes of the pre-mentioned bands are imminent, but there is some certain tendency for some 'wandering' stuff also (Iron Maiden, you see?). Assedium reminded my of Portuguese metallers Ironsword, too, plus some similarities with Greek Epic metallers Battleroar - the 'stream' we were talkin' about in the opening paragraph - in certain songs did come to mind. Even if the lyrics themes were not included in the promo copy, I'm 100% sure there's lots of 'epic/fantasy' literature featured. The audition , luckily, runs rather 'smoothly', but a certain drawback - the main one, in my opinion, for bands of the genre - is the lack of 'respected' technical skill in order to totally 'present' the album's music as deserved.
Rise Of The Warlords marks the authentic attempt of a Metal band to take its place in the European 'retro' Epic Metal scene. Time will tell if Assedium will succeed, but - till then - fans of swords, steel and 'raw' Metal sound will enjoy this album. By the gods, my friends, by the gods!

3 Star Rating

Sacred Vengeance
Messenger Of Chaos
Cimmerian Steel
Under The Black Stars
March Of The Hoplite
Imperial Dream
Thirst For Glory
Legions Of The Underworld
Luka Fils Cicero - Vocals
Chicco - Guitars
Drake - Bass
Guido - Guitars
Damien - Drums
Record Label: My Graveyard Productions


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