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Assumption - The Three Appearances Award winner

The Three Appearances
by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 17 June 2015, 4:27 AM

Transcendence, or the higher experience of existing beyond the physical level, results in a far greater perception than usual. The two-man band ASSUMPTION hailing from Palermo in Italy, aim for no more than this inspirational creativity, this uplifting way of life. Their first studio release unfolds a voyage through dramatic atmospheres and macabre ambiances, revealing their vivid interest for astral life and the outer boundaries surrounding us. ''The Three Appearances'', under the stamp of Doom, Death and Psychedelic, offers an intriguing cover art representing three distinct doorway entrances through cosmos, as portals to other dimensions. With all efforts and forces combined, the formation attempts in creating a universe where the mind and ear unite for profound exploration.

Weighing, downtuned instruments lead their way to doom, as if condemnation exuded from the harsh, destructive melodies. Replicating tragedy by the macabre tone, ASSUMPTION add progression wrapped in tempo breaks and frequent mood changes. Fidel to the influences of Death Metal, the rhythm is malleable for the complex and loaded drum partitions balance variation, reinvention and the classic repetitive Doom structure. The sustained powerchords topped by the low, suffered growls bend the record towards a somber atmosphere. Squealed, spewed out and fierce, the ghoulish vocals tremble their way through your soul, yet flourishing nuances between massive and refined due to the significant contrast when the experimental sections of the album begin. Filled with sounds and subtle details (such as the surprise and occasional keyboard arrangements or the glorious, serene chants), the distinct and dominant angry riffing lead the record along the furious drum poundings.

The first two tracks off the record flirt around low, dark atmospheres abruptly switching to abrasive tempos. Always in an aura of massiveness, the strident crying guitars add a mournful taste to the overall product. Leaning on tragic, two chants away from funeral, the pieces find yearning and progressive states as well. The two musicians here exteriorize every thought by taking absolute control of time and ambiances. With shades and nuances in the sound, giving in to details, the experience grows and evolves. Searching and digging in the depths of experimentation and musicianship, the solid blasts also shine interesting light on the record. ''The Three Appearances – Snang Gsum'', a 12 minute lasting horror piece, burns with ingenuity. The dissonant, dusty piano introduction captivates your imagination with horrific scenes. Halfway through grim, suspenseful and thrilling, the stimulating echoes create a hauntingly moving sound, experimental and unique. After violent and massive pounds accompanied by pulsating instruments and a rip-roaring voice, an ominous bridge burns down and brings back a whole new vibration to the track. With indistinct notes flying and echoing away, your experience through cosmos begins. Sealed by an impeccable guitar solo, the reconstruction of tone combined to the whammy-bar tremolos and the classic wailing transmits none other than PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell’s soul and spirit. An interesting moment for the listener who, to date, had heard many influences but this Thrash one. Ending with deep, yet rapid and pulverizing instruments destroying the world in harmony, the Doom piece ''The Non-Existing'' vibes perfectly with the Death mood, forging a chaotic and unique equilibrium. Truly, four pieces set to give birth to a spiritual experience, a cerebral one at last.
Cross the gate, enter the void, lead yourself towards your own personal downfall through time. Along captivating, active guitar work – medium of atmospheric, somber and severe melodies –  a breathtaking evenness of brash, precise and elegant meet for an uplifting journey. Capturing your imagination from start to finish, ASSUMPTION has no confines, free to explore and create… Here lies an ideal contradiction of somber and luminous.

5 Star Rating

1. Moribund State Shift
2. Veneration of Fire
3. The Three Appearances – Snang Gsum
4.  The Non-Existing
Girgio - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Soundscapes
David - Drums
Record Label: Terror From Hell Records


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