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Astafix - Internal Saboteur Award winner

Internal Saboteur
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 September 2015, 7:17 AM

When a band member dies, the future seems to be a great hollow set for many. Yes, it's difficult to keep on working. And when the musician is a fine guy, a tender person, loved by fans and friends, it's a terrible trial. But a band can become stronger after this, and there are many proofs on the world. And Brazilian quartet ASTAFIX is one of these bands. Seen as a revelation with 2009's “End Ever”, their first album, now they are back to the front with their new album, “Internal Saboteur”.

The band comes more aggressive and extreme on their mix of Groove and Thrash Metal in the same vein as PANTERA and SEPULTURA in the “Chaos A.D” era. But they have a strong and savage personality that you'll feel when their music scratches your ears and goes burning into your brain.

The sound quality is something excellent. It's the fruit of a very good work done by Brandon Duffay as producer (and he did as well the mixing and mastering of the album), for we can hear and understand their work, even with ASTAFIX using very abrasive tunes on guitars. And the art of Marcelo Vasco for the cover is something wild and terrorizing.

As a homage to their guitarist and friend Paulo Schroeber (who died last year from a rare heart desease. Yes, we still have problems with health issues here in this country), the band used the parts that he recorded before he passed away, and you can hear them on “Karma Kill”, “The Scourge”, “Blood Sun”, “Ghosts” and “Unknown”, and his particular style on “Unknown” guitar solo. He was gone too soon…

The musical level is high and homogeneous, but we can name “Karma Kill” (a fast and abrasive song, with a Hardcore scent, showing great guitar riffs, excellent chorus and a fine work done on rhythmic basis), the brutal “The Scourge” (another great chorus, and filled with aggressive riffs), the slower and bitter oppression called “Bad Blood”, the dense and melodic “Ghosts” (with a style that reminds a lot the same one used on “End Ever”) and the modern “Unknown” (great solos on median tempos and fine grunted vocals).

A fine tribute for Paulo's memory (here in Brazil, we have a campaign for helping people with cardiac disease, called “Escrevendo Outra Canção”. You can find it easily), and a great return from ASTAFIX.

4 Star Rating

1. Karma Kill
2. The Scourge
3. Blood Sun
4. Doomsday Device
5. Bad Blood
6. Disfigured Conscience
7. Ghosts
8. Internal Saboteur
9. Say No!
10. Help Us All
11. Unknown
12. The Dome
13. Traitor
Wally – Vocals, rhythm guitars
Cássio Vianna – Guitars
Ayka – Bass
Thiago Caurio – Drums
Record Label: Voice Music


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