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Astra - About Me - Through Life And Beyond (CD)

About Me - Through Life And Beyond
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 September 2006, 1:55 PM

When I got this CD, the cover impressed me a lot! I don't know why but it reminds me of one of my favorite poets, Poe. I thought I had to face one more melancholic shitty band that is whining about how miserable life is. Thank God, things turned out to be good. Astra are a Progressive Metal band and it seems that these guys are here to stay…
Italian band Astra were formed in 2001, in Rome. They started out as a four-piece cover band, playing Dream Theater songs. After several line up changes, Astra reached their current line up form, recruiting Titta Tani as a singer. Astra have managed to win the first Italian Official Dream Theater Tribute Band Contest in May 2002, and also play with Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater's keyboardist) at the fun club's 10-year party.
So, About Me: Through Life And Beyond is their debut album. Their only previous release is Scenes From A Dream (2002), a demo CD. I can say that these guys surely love Dream Theater. It's not only they used to be a cover band playing Dream Theater, but if you listen to the CD you can see how many similarities these two bands have! I have to tell you that Astra are not my cup of tea, but they appeal more to my taste than Dream Theater. Progressive Metal characterized by a wide variety of riffs, from Thrash to Heavy and Power Metal. Every member put down his influences and this was the result! I think that the best way to describe their music is what Titta (the singer) once said: It's like having a big bowl. You throw Thrash in it, you throw Power in it, you throw Fusion in it, you throw Hard Rock in it. You shake it well and the result is Astra. I know, many bands have said the exact same things before, but believe me, these guys mean it!
Oh, I forgot to mention that Titta is the drummer of the Death Metal act Necrophagia (the famous ones, featuring Anselmo). Anyway, fans of Prog Metal, this CD will beat the shit out of you! You HAVE to listen to it!

3 Star Rating

Shadows From The Past
Me, Myself And I
Human Being
Restless Sleep
From Father To Son
Hear My Words
Titta Tani - Vocals
Emanuele Casali - Keyboards
Andrea Casali - Bass, Vocals
Silvio D'Onorio De Meo - Guitar
Filippo Berlini - Drums
Record Label: Burning Star


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