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Astray Valley - Tales of Lun

Astray Valley
Tales of Lun
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 November 2021, 9:57 AM

The real reason behind the unrest that Modern Metal genres give to some Metalheads is not only a matter of musical taste, but of being a prisoner inside of Plato’s cave. Making things clearer: it’s usual that one stays inside a comfort zone with things that are already known, and to deal with new things can be a torture for some. But for those that are used to embrace the new and recognize its values, things are pretty easier. And to like the work of the Spanish Metalcore quintet ASTRAY VALLEY becomes easier as you leave aside conceptions, and “Tales of Lun” is a fine opportunity for doing such thing.

Their musical work is abrasive and technical, full of contrasts between harsh and aggressive parts with some tender and introspective moments (with some ethereal melodic moments that seem to be an inheritance of Progressive Rock). It’s really heavy and full of energy in some moments, and on other, deeper and touchingly melodic. It’s not a hard release to like, if you’re an open-minded person. The sonority of this EP was conceived to align the modern abrasive insight of Metalcore (due its modern set of tunes) with the sound clarity that their melodic and melancholic moments need. And they reached their goal, although something could be better done, but it’s a matter for their next release.

“Firehearts” combines the aggressive and melancholic contrasts that were described above, allowing the vocals to be expressed with the nasty screams and with tender clean tunes, but with some ethereal touches. And the same can be heard on the melancholic song called “Erased” (where Lena Scissorhands, vocalist of INFECTED RAIN, appears as guest). “Negra Noche” shows a more introspective and melancholic tendency (especially on the clean moments, and the guitars are showing very good arrangements). But there are two acoustic versions for “Erased” and “Negra Noche” that show a valuable work of the vocals (and reinforces the melancholy shown on their main versions, because the acoustic guitars are showing such approach). And on “The Architect” is a fiery and aggressive song, with a solid rhythm created by bass and drums.

Obviously, ASTRAY VALLEY still has a ways to go, but the work shown on “Tales of Lun” points to a very good future as the quintet matures more and more.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Firehearts
2. Erased
3. Negra Noche
4. Erased (Acoustic)
5. Negra Noche (Acoustic)
6. The Architect
Clau Violette - Vocals
Adri Funérailles - Guitars
Joan Aneris - Guitars
Jorge Romero - Bass
Unai Splinters - Drums
Record Label: Dark Rails Records


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