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Astriaal - Anatomy Of The Infinite

Anatomy Of The Infinite
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 October 2010, 7:10 PM

However the band sounds, it is kind of hard to avoid getting excited when you see a beautiful digipak release with enchanting artwork. The fact is whether the band will manage to keep you interested or let you down with its music. I guess that’s something I’ll have to find out by listening to the album.

I was kind of surprised when I realized that this band has been playing music since 1998 and has several releases under its belt, yet this is the very first time I hear about them. ASTRIAAL hail from Australia and return after seven years of recording silence carrying a brand new album, as well as a brand new contract with the also Australian Obsidian Records.

The band’s sound can be described as something between symphonic and melodic Black Metal, yet with a harsher, rawer approach. “Anatomy Of The Infinite” is filled with aggressive out breaks full of blasts and poisonous guitar melodies, but the band has paid a lot of attention to its atmosphere, retaining an epic feel throughout the whole album, without spoiling the brutality. Trying to compare them to some bands, I can say that they reminded me a bit of NAZXUL (who also happen to be Australian). The haunting dynamics of this album is what will surely attract you from the very first moment, since the majestic, epic intro (“Blessed Are The Dead”) builds up, only to unleash the chaos with “Visceral Incarnate”. Thumbs up for the album’s structure, too, which seems concrete as a rock making you listen to “Anatomy Of The Infinite” from the beginning to the end without losing that “something” that draws you in its shadows.

The only negative thing (some may find it attractive) is the raw production, since I strongly believe that if this album featured a crystal clear sound it would add an even more schizophrenic vibe to it. Anyway, I just hope it doesn’t take 7 years to see another release after such a promising album.

3 Star Rating

  1. Blessed Are The Dead
  2. Visceral incarnate
  3. ‘Neath The Bones Of Salvation
  4. Ad Interim
  5. The Scars Of Aberration
  6. Foundations In Flesh
  7. Relinquishment Of The Stars
  8. For The Day Will Come
Baaruhl – Guitar
Gryphon – Drums
Arzarkhel – Oration & Scripture
Helthor – Guitar, Bass
Record Label: Obsidian Records


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