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Astronomikon - Dark Gorgon Rising

Dark Gorgon Rising
by YngwieViking at 04 April 2013, 1:42 PM

It starts pretty bad, with some hyper cheesy melodies out of the Mediterranean hellenik folklore Book: fortunately it stops and change quite rapidly, but it’s a very disturbing beginning, because in the same time what it strikes the most is the huge vocals capacities of Nicholas Leptos, with a performance that remind good old Fabio Lione in his LABYRINTH days (“For You I Will Die Young”). It makes you think “too bad” because the vocal aspect is impeccable; the high pitched lines are very well worked and well merged with more ballsy and medium voice. The lyrical letters side seems also very clever and not generic. But, if you have survived to the early tracks then it seems that the album is getting better & better. What a strange running order.

They wears their influences all over their sleeves: The HELLOWEEN comparison is obvious, with even an homage with a little tribute to “Ride The Sky” in the end of the song “Witch Hunter”, is clearly undisguised but still entertaining. The next track “The Spell I'm Under” is a real anthem sing along hit in the vein of GAMMA RAY while “Dramtis Personae” sounds like the early KAMELOT from the early “Dominion" / Siege Perilous” days, that means: outrageous Epic US Power Metal at its bloody best. The last track “Rocka Rolla Sword” presented as a bonus track is incredible, a Break neck Headbanging’ anthem in the over top fashion: Expect 3 INCHES OF BLOOD meets MANOWAR for an extravagant climax.This band coming all the way from the little island of Cyprus is in fact a spin off project initiated by members of the act called ARRAYAN PATH, highly underrated: their 2011 album “Ira Imperium” is remarkable and recommended. The recording line-up featured only, songwriter / Mastermind Paris Lambrou that handles most guitar & bass, and of course the talented vocalist Nicholas Leptos (PRODIGAL EARTH) but the live-players war-squadron is constituted by the full ARRAYAN PATH's team.

With a very similar stylistic environment, and some redundancy the question of the necessity to create a side project could have been asked, but it seems that the lyrical content of ASTRONOMIKON was the alibi, indeed "Dark Gorgon Rising" carries triumphal, a more influenced thematic by ancient Hellenic legends and by Mythological heroes and gods, like the myth of Perseus and Medusa. Anyway this album is enjoyable; with great ideas and a very capable singer. If your relish for epic melodic Power Metal is still alive, strong and unsaturated here is a little cracker.

3 Star Rating

1. Ad Astra Per Aspera
2. Anatolia
3. Son of Seriphos
4. Witch Hunter
5. The Spell I'm Under
6. Dramatis Personae
7. Dark Gorgon Rising
8. Bloodborn
9. The Stone Abomination
10. For You I Will Die Young
11. A Sad Day at Argos
12. Perseas Eurymedon
13. Rocka Rolla Sword
Paris Lambrou – Bass
Nicolas Leptos – Lead Vocals
Socrates Leptos – Lead Guitars
Stefan Dittrich – Drums
Record Label: Pure Legend Records


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