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Astrophobos - Corpus Award winner

by Craig Rider at 17 January 2022, 4:55 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ASTROPHOBOS; signed via Triumvirate Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Black Metal, on their 3rd Full-length album entitled: “Corpus” (released November 12th, 2021). Since formation in 2009; the trio in question have 2 EPs entitled: “Arcane Secrets” (released September 14th, 2010) and “Enthroned In Flesh” (released August 26th, 2016), among 2 Singles entitled: “Simulacrum” (released July 28th, 2017). They also have 3 Full-length albums entitled: “Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors” (released January 24th, 2014), “Malice Of Antiquity” (released January 17th, 2019) & this here 3rd album entitled: “Corpus”. 7 tracks ranging at around 36:34; ASTROPHOBOS arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. …delivered in its native tongue.

Opening up with this throaty roar of raspy proportions that chants into a blistering yet whirlwinding soar; the titular track distils a barrage frenzy of possessive but evil empowering gnarliness, a distinct calamity rifts with shredding upheaval and disorienting malice. Marvelling with ripping snares, scouring virulence & vicious tonality - “Corpus” begins the record with this sulfurous yet rawly rough remedy. Slabbing this solid but blackened foundation in piercing yet volatile revs, while this satanic ritual bombards eardrums with sonically seamless melody within the trailblazing yet steamrolling pandemonium of the ruthless “Utrotning” which unleashes punchy mayhem & rumbling reverb with thunderous yet extreme aggression, somewhat melodic while jumpy but boisterously bouncy… a mythical maelstrom manifests with spectral waves of dark thuds & sturdy heft.

Consisting of Mikael Broman on vocals/the audible bass, a ghastly croak unearths itself among an impactful forcefield of shouty yells, monolithic tempos and flickering abomination while thumpy jolts tremble with towering meatiness among a groovy bludgeoning of bulldozing blitzkrieg, blasphemously clobbering a belting fabrication in crunchy weightiness while meticulous but archaic dexterity chisels dynamically with rapidly swift nimbleness & organically rambunctious substance within the ominous illumination of the vibrantly potent yet jarring “Till djupet”. Twinning guitar hooks from Johans Ehlin (on lead) & Martin Andersson (on rhythm) throttle with cavernous cohesion, impulsing revs that surge with filthy grit and concretely razing rivets while monstrously meaty stability thumps out stompy firepower expertise and extremely rambunctious piledrives into a chugging gallop of frolicing grinds that slay with quivering yet vigorous tempest.

Nattvard” outbursts with decaying impermanence; elementing a gloomy but enticing shroud of tremolo riff picking that resounds with profusely robust crescendos, flamboyant but discernible blast beats among a descegrating sheen of slick & polished riffs while conjuring an eerie chill of icy but ferocious harmony. While “Svärta” supplies with more relentless yet sinister but amplified adrenaline for total viscerality; where progressive technicality swirls with strident yet smouldering tsunamis of rampaging onslaughts that merges well with the somewhat melancholic yet menacing atmosphere for distinguished totalitarian terror. The penultimate “Liktal” swerves with ringing guitars and bass murmurs with rattling but caustic bursts of semblances of symbolic retribution, while overarching ramifications swarm with scorching, grumbling/gollum-like vocals that scrape the production with respite and diabolical madness.

An infectious injection of venomous deadliness concludes “Corpus'' with the finale epic: “Under jord” as beckoning but fiery fretwork grips an entrancing forebode as an eerie guest cordial from Elisabetta Marchetti (INNO/ex-RITI OCCULTI) closes the record with prodigious yet prolific overdoses of sweeping yet primordial salvation of sinful torment & sermoning dissolution – “Corpus'' was mixed & mastered by Marco Mastrobueno (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE) at Kick Recording Studios and features a drum session by Simon Samuelsson (ex OFERMOD).

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that ASTROPHOBOS certainly outdone themselves with this one, an intriguing Black Metal record that serves the sub-genre greatly. A grandiose grandeur in hardened but primitive potential, such talented and fundamentally flexible craftsmanship abilities here in “Corpus” devise a fascinating listen ahead, do check them out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Corpus
2. Utrotning
3. Till djupet
4. Nattvard
5. Svärta
6. Liktal
7. Under jord
Martin Andersson - Guitars
Johans Ehlin - Lead Guitars
Mikael Broman - Vocals/Bass
Record Label: Triumvirate Records


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