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Astrophobos - Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors Award winner

Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 24 February 2014, 1:48 AM

For some Metal fans, the greater part really misses some periods of time. This is explained for some Metal trends on the very same time, and some really miss the second part of the 90’s, when Black Metal was at its higher level of creativity, expelling forth great names and great music. And for those ones, Swedish Black Metallers ASTROPHOBOS is an excellent option. Their first album, “Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors” will be a masterpiece.

The band really sounds like a 90’s Black Metal band, being harsh and not so fast, and not cleaner enough (in terms of music, please, not in production), preserving the best aspects of 90’s Northern Black Metal, with fine harsh vocals, excellent riffs and solos from guitars, and a very good work from bass and drums. Simply perfect in terms of Black Metal, sounding morbid and atmospheric, aggressive and heavy as it must be.

Erik Nilsson (who worked previously with AORIA and A SWARM OF THE SUN) made a fine work in recording and mixing the album, as Karl Daniel Lidén made a good mastering job. The sound is perfect, clean and heavy, but without taking that “dirty” atmosphere from earlier Black Metal bands, so, it’s perfect for ASTROPHOBOS work its songs.

At first hearing, you’ll be caught for sure, and all songs are fine, being the better ones “Soul Disruptor” (great tempos and excellent bass and drums work), “Winds of Insanity”, the long and darkened “Detestable Illumination” (a slower song, with great riffs all over it), “The Invocation Void” and “Celestial Calamity” (the album’s longest song, with great tempo changes).

Hear it, buy it (illegal downloads is a thing for sissies), and have your own trip to a darkened world of music.

4 Star Rating

1. Soul Disruptor
2. Winds of Insanity
3. The Malevolent Firmament
4. Detestable Illumination
5. His Abysmal Grave
6. Invocating the Void
7. Of Primal Mystery
8. Celestial Calamity
Mikael Broman – Bass, vocals
Martin Andersson – Guitars
Jonas Ehlin – Guitars
Fredrik Widigs – Drums (session)
Record Label: Triumvirate Records


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