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At The Hollow - What I Hold Most Dear
 Award winner

At The Hollow
What I Hold Most Dear
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 30 March 2015, 6:02 PM

I didn’t know what to expect at all. I didn’t know the band, and the thing that made me aware of who they even were was a Facebook page declaring that there genre is “Between purity and death”. This sentence can point to many genres, but nothing I imagined made me ready for what AT THE HOLLOW’s new album “What I Hold Most Dear” dropped on me.

I think that the best, and easiest way to explain the album and the review will be to start from the conclusion. First it’s not a metal album, nor rock, nor alternative , I will say that it’s kind of mood music. When I say mood music, what I mean is a mix between gothic atmosphere of dark ambience and sadness. It seems that AT THE HOLLOW tried to convey to us how bad are things in the world, not only by the lyrics more with the music. Then again it’s very hard to explain .

All of the songs are more acoustic, and mellow then rocking or distortion, is it a bad thing? It really depends in the mood you are in, or the stage in life that you find yourself experiencing when listening the album. So having said all of that, let’s dip in a bit more.  AT THE HOLLOW’s  new album “What I Hold Most Dear” has eleven tracks in total. From the first track "Was It Worth It”, the style jumps out. I can say that from my point of view Kalle Koo voice is amazing, inducing, and sets an ambient atmosphere. “Was It Worth It” is a track I had to listen to like six times a row. It’s such a beautiful song that it hurts. It just goes to show you that you don’t need lots of distortion riffs and delay guitar to have an amazing song. I can say that Juho Martikainen on the contrabass does add lots to the all-around atmosphere of this song.

After explaining the first track “Was It Worth It” I can basically write similar things about all other tracks. I can tell you that “Paleface”, track number three made my day, truly, yet again Kalle Koo with amazing voice again goes deep deep to your soul.

So not metal, nor gothic rock not even rock, but a great album. Yes, you read it right: I said that this was a great album.

5 Star Rating

1. Was It Worth It
2. Otherside
3. Paleface
4. Dead Memories
5. Withered Speech
6. Second Time
7. Numbed
8. Last Hour
9. Watch & Learn
10. Echoes
11. Let’s Eat Them
Kalle Koo - Guitars & Vocals
Juho Martikainen - Contrabass
Risto Järvelin - Percussion
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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