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Ataraxia – Deep Blue Firmament Award winner

Deep Blue Firmanent
by Jessica R. Harman at 16 January 2017, 1:40 PM

ATARAXIA was born in Italy in 1985. For over 30 years they have been creating a Neoclassical gothic sound and that is no different in their latest release, released in Sept 2016, “Deep Blue Firmament”. ATARAXIA creates their music as an extension of their soul. They are influenced by nature, particularly water. This is reflected in their releases that reach spiritual and meditative levels. This album comes in with twelve tracks and a listening time of about one hour and five minutes.

Track one, “Delphi” had me hooked with a literal jaw drop. Being a fan of this musical type anyway, finding something with an immediate reaction is far and in between. I knew I was in for a sweet treat and inner journey from this point on. The keys that start out this track are so soft, yet enchanting and it grows from that point into a pleasurable piece. The vocals are goddess-ly gothic and more of an intricate piece of the music instead of an overlay of noise. This music is a beautiful embodiment of sound.

Message To The Clouds” is my favorite track on the album because the intro orchestra. It’s lower than most of the rest of the track creating a gloomy back drop. The vocals are charming and have a graceful overflow of the powerful music intertwined with them. There is an Eastern feeling to this track, a feeling of oneness and wholeness.

Track three “Greener than Grass”, is another track that engrosses one’s senses. The vocals are incredible. I also feel that the musicianship in this very simplistic, yet so incredibly intricate. As if life is brought into perspective. Life is simple, yet what makes up life is a labyrinthine path. “Alexandria I”, track five, is so soft and the vocals are more so apart of this track than any other up to this point. The vocals are in fact an instrument within the music. This track is just under the 3-minute mark, but its beauty is eternal.

Track six, “Rosso Sangue” holds a little more power but still keeps a soft tone with a more orchestral feel. The musicianship is delicate but there are undertones of the dark and the doom. It holds the truth.  “Galatia”, track seven, is a little more sexy, but sounds like something I would expect from Eastern cultures long past. The fluidity of this track is impressive. There is so much movement and energy, without having to draw that energy from speed. The softly spoken lyrics help perpetuate the enticing track.

 Track ten, “Ubiquity” is another of the shorter tracks, but with so much atmospheric ambiance, this track has something that reaches into the soul. This track is the firmament this album is named after. Paradise awaits in this track. The final track, “Alexandria II”, is an enchantment. It rounds out an album that is beyond this world in a perfect way. It’s soft and picks up from track five. It has an end feeling and the music just cuts. It is the end of the track, the album and the soul searching that finds its way to you as you are sucked into “Deep Blue Firmament”.

ATARAXIA are artists in every aspect of the word. They use photography, theatre in their live performances, along with their deep affiliation with poetry and music as their outlets. They are deeply rooted to the Ethereal and their music perfectly echoes it. For a more ancient and contemplative music, “Deep Blue Firmament” is a perfect addition to your collection.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Delphi
2. Message To The Clouds
3. Greener Than Grass
4. Myrrh
5. Alexandria I
6. Rosso Sangue
7. Galatia
8. May
9. Vertical
10. Ubiquity
11. Phoebe
12. Alexandria II
Francesca Nicoli – Vocals, flute, and recorder
Vittorio Vandelli – Guitars, percussion, and vocals
Giovanni Pagliari – Keys and vocals
Riccardo Spaggiari – Percussion and vocals
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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