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Ataraxia - Quasar

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 September 2020, 8:33 AM

From their Facebook page, ATARAXIA is an Italian ensemble of artists who explore and create music, poetry and visual art and who dedicated their lives to the ‘act of creation’. They are travelling musicians inspired by their geographical and inner voyages in places still owning the charge of centuries, their music is an arrow fired by cosmic forces towards the multiverse.” “Quasar” contains seven tracks.

“Beyondness” opens the album. It pulses with soft electronica, and some ominous tones. The vocals are ethereal, and fade away from your sight soon after they are sung. The sound drops to just some ambient moments before returning slightly with a little more vigor. I can’t describe the outer world feeling that you can when listening to this song…it’s like you are awakening from a dream, with the memories still a bit hazy. “Iniziazione” is close to 12-minutes in length. It’s more of that slow, ambient music that alternates between spoken word and light, airy vocals. There is hardly any instrumental presence at all. It’s warm and cozy but there is not much music to really go after here.

“Nebula” features a little more musical presence than the previous two tracks. The entire song sounds very pretty, and is sung in Italian. As far as instruments go, it is really just some light acoustical guitar. The emotions are pulled from the vocal harmonies. “Oneness” is just over eight-minutes in length. It features a repeated pattern at first, then come the vocals. They are just so charming, that you can’t help get lost in their world of beauty here. “Radiance” is over eight-minutes in length, opening with a soft and alluring soundscape of emotional tones. Light, airy vocals come into play. It picks up just a bit with vocal harmonies after the half-way mark.

“Sex is a Prayer” is seven minutes in length. Warm, spoken female vocals calm and sooth you, as the music draws you in. She repeats in Italian, “Sex is a Prayer.” “The Timeless” opens with soft, acoustical guitars and a jovial but melancholy guitar chord progression. The vocals are longing in nature. It moves slowly, through a sea of various elements. Overall, though this is nowhere near heavy metal music, it is still moving in a slow and easy way. The focus seems to be more on building the vocals in various ways…at times with harmonies and other times just solo. It is quite striking, and peaceful, and was a nice, calm listen on an otherwise busy day after Labor Day.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Beyondness
2. Iniziazione
3. Nebula
4. Oneness
5. Radiance
6. Sex is a Prayer
7. The Timeless
Francesca Nicoli
Vittorio Vandelli
Giovanni Pagliari
Riccardo Spaggiari
Record Label: AnnapurnA Productions


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