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Atavisma - Where Wolves Once Dwelled Award winner

Where Wolves Once Dwelled
by Paulo Maniaco at 20 August 2014, 2:32 AM

Demos, Demos, it is really hard to find good Demos nowadays, but these trio from France called ATAVISMA which by the way got together in 2013 and thank God for that!! have given us a fucking good Demo released in cassette, I love cassettes it is so pure fucking Metal.

France have given us some awesome bands and they keep on doing it, SORTILEGE, AGRESSOR, KILLERS, SATANS JOKKERS, ADX, NIGHTMARE… and now ATAVISMA in your face with pure Death Doom Metal and rotting away that flesh that one has forgotten… The cassette start rolling with "The savage One" pure ASPHYX , heavy, dirt and full of hate, I can smell the stench of Death filling the air, the guitars are heavy with that Swedish sounding and the bass lines a heavy as fuck!! Heavy and dirty drumming, it has that dark vibe all over, I can feel all the goosebumps forming over my body.

There is no salvation for you my friend, I am the "Forsaken" and I will get you, Death and Doom have now joined forces and the result is ATAVISMA, old school style straight to the point, everything is thick as blood, the guitars, vocals, bass and drums, shit all over your face and if you don’t like I don’t care, this is great music, and it is only a Demo, I wonder what next is coming from these awesome trio.

"Where The Wolves Once Dwelled" I do not really know, what I know is that France has given us this fucking awesome band, mean to the core, they have an unique sound and I truly hope they do not change anything for the next album, it sounds great, slow pace like a funeral song and fast beats like pure old school Death Metal, a masterpiece indeed like MENTAL FUNERAL by AUTOPSY.

"Nature's Warfare" bring the drapes down with style, killer vocals, harsh and deep tearing your flesh away, great riffs very catching, amazing, everything works well with precision. As production goes, fucking excellent, more please, art cover is very good too, please give me more!!!!

5 Star Rating

1. The Savage One
2. Forsaken
3. Where Wolves Once Dwelled
4. Nature's warfare
G. - Guitars, Bass, Drums, programming And Lyrics
L. - Vocals And Lyrics
C. - Drums (Joined The Band After the Recordings)
Record Label: Independent


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