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Athanatheos - Cross. Deny. Glorify

Cross. Deny. Glorify
by Craig Rider at 12 May 2023, 3:13 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ATHANATHEOS; signed via Lavadome Productions, hailing from French grounds - performing Death Metal, on their 3rd full-length studio LP entitled: "Cross. Deny. Glorify" (released April 14th, 2023). Since formation in 2001 until 2006 as ILL DIVINE, reformed as SOUL REJECTED in 2006 until 2012; the duo in question have an EP entitled "Eskhatos" (released December 25th, 2020), and 3 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: "Alpha Theistic" (released December 21st, 2012), "Prophetic Era (Or How Yahveh Became The One)" (released June 29th, 2020), on top of a split entitled: "Choose Your Death Vol 1" (released December 29th, 2020) & this here 3rd offering of which I am introduced to entitled: "Cross. Deny. Glorify". 9 tracks ranging around 50 minutes… ATHANATHEOS arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this blistering barrage frenzy in distorted but bulldozing calamity; a belting clobber in "The Cross" fabricates a bludgeoning amplify in adrenaline fuelled grind, forging a boisterously bouncy conundrum of snare infused bestiality, as a blasphemous romp of rampant thuds that ramifies with sturdy tightness on punchline grooves and distinctive bolts in bruising choppiness amongst a fierce firepower expertise that rumbles with reverberating malice. Symbolically chugging and galloping with volatile meatiness, this monstrous savagery manifests this sinister versatility on pugnaciously sulphurous rollicks within Samuel Girard's razor-sharp guitar hooks, distilled into a chiselling foundation in concretely gritty dexterity that's most ruthless whilst pandemonically raw… especially in "You Were Not".

Vocally; throaty soars yell with malignant pipes of uproarious malevolence, oppressively grumbling and growling with the monolithic tempos of slaying rips which shred with razor-sharp pursuit. "Credo Quia Absurdum" slabs this solidly rambunctious piledrive whilst this operatic symphony unleashes momentous vehemence that's ritualistic in every guttural sense, thumping out with rapidly swift & nimble bass audibility from Nils Delhaye-Boloh, who relentlessly flickers his axe with visceral choppiness amongst a bombarding artillery in berserking desegregation. While the strident strife of the maniacal but diabolic wrath of "They Are Spreading the Pestilence" surges with thumpy stompiness, whilst sonically seamless revs renegade with profusely robust hooks and virulently venomous injections in infectiously sweltering systematics that are intensely gruesome.

Hasty hostility in "To Deny" rifts with more technical maelstrom stability that synergises with ominously jarring tonality which rivets with wildly rushing revolts in abominable abhorrence, which revolves through this thrilling sacrilege of oblivion within "The Silent Oblivion". The extreme cords fuse clean but spoken word trepidation, mixing monolithic tempo with mythical masquerades of steely precision and conjuring but hymnally barbaric aesthetics in pulverising mayhem that's most raging. "Witness" unearths more clamouring elements in implementing gnarly retribution & rebellious stampedes of rampaging sadism for all headbanging satanists out there to worship his grandiose greatness to.

The penultimate track "Rise of Terror, Rise of Intolerance" crafts a killer momentum on unique uprising of crescendo building tremolo prowess, whilst this all guns blazing cylinder ricochet materialises an inhumane desecration on profane obscurity that's most remorseless until the overall concluding and 10 minute banger "To Glorify" distributes a quintessential overdose on some salubriously revving meltdowns with yet towering substances of sanguine yet fluidly dark but blackened virtuosities within the alluring density this singular duo executes with. The bottom line here is that ATHANATHEOS most surely outdone themselves with this new offering of Death Metal meticulance… worthy of spinning & replaying a good few times, making "Cross. Deny. Glorify" an enjoyably entertaining experience and discovery should you fancy an immersively inventive harbouring of this justifiable subgenre of radically wicked yet evil empowering embrace, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Cross
2. You Were Not
3. Credo Quia Absurdum
4. They Are Spreading the Pestilence
5. To Deny
6. The Silent Oblivion
7. Witness
8. Rise of Terror, Rise of Intolerance
9. To Glorify
Samuel Girard - Extreme Vocals/Clean Choirs/Guitars
Nils Delhaye-Boloh - Bass
Record Label: Lavadome Productions


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