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Atheist - Jupiter

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 November 2010, 2:11 PM

You usually remember me starting reviews by pointing out how stupid I was to miss the reviewed band’s latest live show here in Greece. No, fortunately not this time. It has been four years since ATHEIST’s visit here, but I think I remember the specific show in every little detail. So, four years after that incredible night, the Florida legendary metallers return (at last!) with a brand new album and not some kind of live or best of release. Ladies & gentlemen, I present you… “Jupiter”!

You all know that I’m always finding something to bitch about and this time it will be the absence of my personal hero Tony Choy. The bass was recorded by Thompson (not that he’s bad, for fuck’s sake) but Choy always gives this extra spicy thing. Anyway, straight to the point.

“Jupiter” is nothing more or less from what you ATHEIST maniacs expected. We are talking about approximately 32 minutes (how do they manage to make every album except for “Elements” have the same duration?) full of wicked technical Death/Thrash Metal with lots of Progressive and Jazz elements. The US quartet tried to please its fans, as its members claimed, and I’m 100% sure that if this album was released during the mid 90’s after “Elements” it would definitely be considered an ATHEIST classic and a milestone in the extreme, technical scene. The fact is that that the crystal clear sound “Jupiter” is armed with and the effort the band has put into it to make it “acceptable” to the ATHEIST fans has caused reactions by some.

The question is, are you a fan of the band? Does their aggressive and technical Death/Thrash send shivers down your spine? Did you feel like a small child when you heard that ATHEIST was releasing anew album? Then fuck all those haters and lay your hands on “Jupiter” for one more musical orgasm by the masters! I wonder how these guys liked “Out For Blood” (last SADUS masterpiece) and find so many flaws in here.

4 Star Rating

  1. Second To Sun
  2. Fictitious Glide
  3. Fraudulent Cloth
  4. Live And Live Again
  5. Faux King Christ
  6. Tortoise The Titan
  7. When The Beast
  8. Third Person
Kelly Shaefer - Vocals
Jonathan Thompson - Guitar, Bass
Chris Baker - Guitar
Steve Flynn - Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist Records


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