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Athlos - In The Shroud Of Legendry... (CD)

In The Shroud Of Legendry...
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 January 2010, 12:16 PM

Greek band name with a CD title that is also too Greek. I didn't expect something different from SACRED BLOOD's Polydeykis to tell you the truth. The most important is the music though, and I must admit that I was kind of curious to see the musical path this project has taken…

ATHLOS is a project by Polydeykis of SACRED BLOOD as you have already understood, who has also collaborated with bands like ZION, FOLKEARTH, MORPHEUS, DOL AMROTH and more. His new musical pursuit gathers various musicians involved in the Folk and Heavy Metal scene to aid him.

In this project, Polydeykis is actually trying to mix his two favourite things, his beloved music with his country's mythology (except for the last song, I still can't understand what Amon Ra has to do with the Greek mythology). The music varies from classic Heavy Metal tunes to Folk melodies etc. The fact is that the album is more like a soundtrack for a movie rather than a Metal album, since its sound is really… loose. I mean, such albums need to sound tight and solid as fuck, but this one confuses the listener with songs scattered here and there, intros and vocals that try to fit every singing style in a few seconds. The production is also mediocre, since there are parts that it just sounds like a good demo.

I am sorry but I don't think that ATHLOS is good enough to offer something really attractive to metalheads. SACRED BLOOD are doing much better and Polydeykis should stick to that in my humble opinion.

2 Star Rating

In The Vineyards Of Dionysus
The Wrath Of The Hekatonkheives
Aegean Blue (Poseidon's Realm)
The Dance Of Kouretes
Enslaved (A Slave's Odyssey)
Hellas Eternal
Ulysses Before The gates Of Hades (Necromantia)
Taurokatharpsia (Horns Of Power)
Areth Kai Pomh
Talos Unleashed
The First Faun (Song Of The Elder)
The Son Of Amon Ra (Intro)
The Son Of Amon Ra
Polydeykis - Composing, Guitars, Accordion, Flute, Whistles, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Additional Male Vocals, Additional Narrations
Marios Koutsoukos - Lyricist, Narrations, Additional Male Vocals
Stefanos Koutsoukos - Co-Writer Of Aegean Blue
Athanasios Karapanos - Lead & Backing Male Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars
Hild Valkyrie - Female Choir Vocals
Christine Katsamatsa - Soprano Vocals
Faarran - Medieval & Spanish Bagpipes And Reeds
Aled Pashley - Growls, Black Metal Vocals
Kyveli - Female Soprano Vocals In Song Of The Elder

Guest Musicians:
Mike Galiatsos - Solo In Taurokatharpsia
Record Label: Secret Port Records


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