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Atlantis Chronicles - Ten Miles Underwater

Atlantis Chronicles
Ten Miles Underwater
by Keith Ham at 23 May 2013, 12:33 PM

To say I love Atlantian myth would be an understatement. The ocean (as in the water, not the band) has always been a constant source of wonder and horror to me. To put it simply, it is full of god-knows-what and has far more mysteries and graves than us in-land people could even hope to fathom. I chose Atlantis Chronicles expecting even some faint exploration of this, bands beforehand have chosen names that they carried through – why not this one?

To spare you an obvious reveal, ATLANTIS CHRONICLES barely touches the surface of oceanic wonder – I’ll stick with ALESTORM’s “Death Throes Of The Terror Squid” for now, I guess. The band is labeled as Death-Prog metal (Progressive it is not!), probably expecting some great cosmic tie between the genre and expected theme to entice an audience, but it’s nothing more than Metalcore-esque meandering. Nothing really feels new or even classic for that matter; it’s also far too typical of an offering and I can’t help but feel I’ve heard it all before.

However, to say ATLANTIS CHRONICLES’s “Ten Miles Underwater” would not appeal to a mainstream audience would be just as much an understatement as my previous mention of interest in Atlantian lore. This band would be very much able to appeal to a post-screamo generation audience, being a little easier to digest than the heavier or more insane offerings people such as me are used to. It’s something that would make a more linear group of individuals (People that no doubt share interests with bands such as EMMURE and THE ACACIA STRAIN) feel somewhat like ‘bad asses.’ I’ll spare any further comments on that portion and its scene.

Basically, I can understand from a business standpoint what ATLANTIS CHRONICLES has put together but as a listener I have to admit I was completely disappointed – no doubt others will be as well. I wish I could say any tracks that stood out musically but the only one that really did was the Outro track “William Beebe”. That isn’t to say anything here is bad, it’s just that it’s rather unremarkable. As well, I cannot express the depth of my dismay when it comes to bands misappropriating their genre titles. This is not Death anything and it certainly isn’t Progressive – it falls into one of the ‘core’ genres. Please, for the sake of the listener’s sanity, label yourself accordingly.

2 Star Rating

1. Enter The Bathysphere…
2. …And Embrace The Abyss
3. Echoes Of Silence
4. Thousands Carybdea
5. Homocene
6. Ten Miles Underwater
7. L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs
8. Architeuthis Dux
9. Tales Of Atlantis
10. Stomias Boa
11. Behold Kraken
12. William Beebe
Antoine Bibent - Lead Vocals
Alex "Ash" Houngbo - Guitar/Vocals
Mikael Rumèbe - Bass
Jérôme Blazquez - Guitar
Sydney Taieb - Drums
Record Label: Coroner Records


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