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Atlas Entity - Beneath the Cosmic Silence

Atlas Entity
Beneath the Cosmic Silence
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 May 2019, 6:09 AM

ATLAS ENTITY is a one-man Progressive Death Metal band from the Tampa Bay Area, featuring Samus Paulicelli of DECREPIT BIRTH on drums for the EP "Enceladus". It was created sometime in 2014 as a side project to his band (at the time), PROLETARIAT COMBAT MACHINE. After that band split up, he took all the material he wrote and became serious about publishing it in early 2015. With the decent amount of material he had accumulated, as well as new riffs and sections he wrote, he began the initial phases of creating the first ATLAS ENTITY album "Enceladus.” “Beneath the Cosmic Silence” is set for release on June 14, 2019, and contains eight new tracks.

“Adorned in Red” leads off the album, opening with a steady howling of a cold wind, and a few clean guitar notes. A lead guitar joins the fold, playing eerie notes above. Drums and bass join the fold in what has become a fairy dissonant affair. “In the Shadow of the Mountain Pt. 1” is the first proper track. The vocals are immediately powerful, while the music remains melancholy. A somber clean vocal and guitar passage adds another element to the song. It ends in a Doomy piano sequence that will send shivers down your spine. It segues into “In the Shadow of the Mountain Pt. 2,” which opens with a slow placed Doomy sound. The Death vocals are again the focus of the music…deep and dark. Another beautifully done clean vocal passage provide solace as an interlude. It returns with a vengeance taking it to completion.

“Murmurs of Dissent” twists and turns with some noticeable Progressive elements, amidst a furious set of drumming and vocal anger. The guitars spring to life here, adding a layer of energy to the track. Another interlude springs up from a dead stop, and then the chaos returns through the ending. “Visions of Gold” is pretty heavy and aggressive from the start, with some dissonant guitar chords and a clear cadence for the vocals. Some more Progressive elements can be heard here with control of the meter. “Windswept” opens with clean guitars and doleful vocals. It’s depressing and sad in all the right ways, and ends quite abruptly, as the title would suggest.

“Scorned by the Snow” is a mid-tempo piece where the lead guitars provide much of the direction for the song. The guitars dance in this unusual sequence that doesn’t seem to make much sense until you follow it through. As it plays to completion, it fits together perfectly. “Celestial Noise” closes the album…the longest song at over seven minutes in length. It has an almost Post-Black entrance, with clean vocals and melody that lead to Death vocals for a spell. The guitar solo is where the energy in the drums picks up, and then it’s back to clean vocals and that depressing tone. A Folky sequence rears its head, complete with harsh vocals. The elements join together in the end before fading out to whispers.

Overall, this was a fascinating album to listen to. There were some very heavy and aggressive moments, as well as some light and ambient ones, and the way they intermingled them was the strength of the album. I have to admit liking the more ambient and depressing tones of the album over the heavy and raging ones, but that’s the beauty of it because when both exist at the same time, they can play off one another, keeping your interest peaked throughout the album.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Adorned in Red
2. In the Shadow of the Mountain Pt. 1
3. In the Shadow of the Mountain Pt. 2
4. Murmurs of Dissent
5. Visions of Gold
6. Windswept
7. Scorned by the Snow
8. Celestial Noise
Alex Gallegos – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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