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Atlas Pain - Behind The Front Page Award winner

Atlas Pain
Behind The Front Page
by Lotty Whittingham at 05 June 2015, 11:14 AM

A huge number of the Metal community seem to completely disregard the sub genre Folk Metal and often don’t take it seriously. That’s probably why it’s one of my favourite genres of metal; most of the time we just need to wind down and have a great time, which is what Folk Metal gives us. The latest band to enter my Folk Metal collection is Italian born ATLAS PAIN as they bring forth their heroic EP “Behind The Front Page”.

Residing within the stone walls of the city Milan ATLAS PAIN made their presence known in the year 2013. This band was an ingenious idea formed by vocalist Samuele Faulisi. The main focus was to mix elements from all different sorts of music to create a genre of their very own. Combining components of Extreme Metal, Pagan/Folk and Symphonic elements they aimed to create epic cinematic melodies. Well after listening to “Behind The Front Page” they have succeeded in this mission.

The atmosphere is beautifully created by the opening instrumental track “Bonfires Night”, it lures the listener into a false sense of security as it abruptly transitions into the speedy tempo of the first full track “Each Uisage”. This track is vital evidence of this bands mission to combine all elements of different genres to create grand melodies that are suitable for ambitious film soundtracks. The first section focusing on the aggressive Extreme Metal with aggressive vocals, the blistering guitar work and thunderous drums making you want to perform windmills with your long glossy hair. The next moment you are hearing quest like instruments such as whistles, orchestras alongside the guitars; a typical yet wonderful aspect of Folk Metal.

As this EP progresses I am becoming more and more emerged into the record; the mixture of major and minor tones within each song gives the record all that much variety. The major tones in “Once Upon A Time” give it the positive, magical fairy tale like vibe that phrase. The minor tones in “Ironforged” suggest misery and uncertainty; I can imagine this sort of song to be heard during a dramatic battle scene with thousands of casualties and a violent finale.

Ending with the beautiful “In Eclipse” was a marvelous choice as it only left me wanting to hear more.

This assortment of gallant melodies has won me over. If you like bands like ENSIFERUM and WINTERSUN along with composers Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri then this is the band and record for you.

5 Star Rating

1. Bonfires Night
2. Each Uisge
3. Ironforged
4. The Storm
5. Once Upon A Time
6. In Eclipse
Samuele Faulisi – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, FX
Luca Ferrari – Lead Guitar
Federico Cotzia – Bass
Riccardo Floridia – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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