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Atmosphera Post Mortem - The Angels' Rebellion

Atmosphera Post Mortem
The Angels' Rebellion
by Matan Yaniv at 12 November 2014, 9:20 PM

ATMOSPHERA POST MORTEM is a Symphonic Black Metal band that formed in 2006 as a one-man band in Cordoba, Spain, by her correct vocalist Blackangel. A few years after, the correct line up of the band started to record and produce their debut album.
And now in 2014, they released the debut album. This debut album contains harmonies and Extreme Metal with Black, Doom, Gothic and more from the band's sounds.

The album starts with "Dance Of The Succubi", an unnecessary instrumental intro that’s got nothing to do with any song in the album. "Anima Lacrimae" starts officially the album with a great keyboards intro that shows again why the intro is so unnecessary. The problem of the song is the extra efforts to be epic and impressive and it's just making them a lot less. It's just a song with a lot of effects that covering the real song. Maybe without this entire make up, it could’ve been a better song.

"The Angels` Rebellion" tries less to be epic and impressive and it’s the best song in the album. Why? Simply, because in this I can finally see a song and not a collection of effects. The song is very challenging and interesting, illustrates in him the band's opinion about the conservative religious. "Blackrose" is a nice change, an emotional ballad and managed to touch the listener and not least because of the amazing voice of band female singer, LIDIA.

But in "Rege Satanas" we go back to the same problem. The band tries to do an 8 minutes song that just repeating themselves. "The Last Confession" starts very good but got the same problem. The song is just repeating them over and over again, and in some point its make me tired.

The make state of the first song in the album starts again in "Fools For The Faith", the effects and the attempts to empower the song doesn't work and the song is just confusing. Its looks like that the band feel how tired the listener is and they are trying to makes things right in "The Promise", another ballad that falling away from the previous ballad. The ballad is just not working because of the shortage in instruments and once again the multiple effects' quantity makes the song just not interesting.

In the bottom line, the band did invest a lot in this album which is certainly admirable. But the problem is that the band trying too much to make a big and epic songs and do not let their music flow listener's ears.

Still it’s a debut album and I hope that the band will continue and will get better with the years.

3 Star Rating

1. Dance Of The Succubi
2. Anima Lacrimae
3. The Angels` Rebellion
4. Blackrose
5. Rege Satanas
6. The Last Confession
7. Fools For The Faith
8. The Promise
9. After The War
10. Funeral March
Blackangel - Vocals, Keyboards
Lidia - Vocals
Enzeos - Guitars
Necropulse - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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